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ter has been.sentenced to two months hard labour for exposing for

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I may say that I am experimenting clinically with this peptone upon a

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servant aged 18 unmarried. The case during life was regarded

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stances no one can say. Tlie very unusual conditions attending its ter

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member of the Commission think but it is the number of experi

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portance of the various objects to be attained by the fund. In

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lose consciousnes. and distinctly remembers her astonishment at being

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want information also as to the relation of these cases of endo

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by some woman or girl who has consulted him as a patient.

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lege before conferring with the College of Surgeons Committee 2 a

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To examine the angles of the ribs in the interscapular

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head the deeper parts of the same head at two different levels

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is much facilitated and more perfectly reproduced should induce

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was made tenable for two years instead of three as hitherto. Mr.

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Street to Liverpool Street Station and conveyed by train to

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easily he remedied by only having one perforation and that near

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and introduced into the stomach in ordinai y nutrition are not ex

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months and a half after the beginning of his trouble he was compelled

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phthisical patients of England to the cold bracing air of

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the albumen may only be found in the urine at certain times

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memorandum on Lead Poisoningby Certain Public Water Suppliee

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their spores should be introduced to start with but also that the

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on the globe for the relief or cure of phthisis. Superior to

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can be no question that all the cases arose from infection from

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end bays of the town the parts inhabited by the foreigners and

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For the opportunity of making the observations I am indebted

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following an injury while adhesions of the eyelids to the

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sented the following condition the internal surface was smooth and shin

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observation with this condition for fibout seven years. It got

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the plan of checking abuse which in his opinion had worked

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that it is unprofessional for the medical ofticer of lieolth of one

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Benington s paper on a case of insanity cured by a pessarj. Dr.

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while the humoral element receives an equal i hare of attention.


scribed redness over the malar bones known as the hectic

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stated that in spite of the action of the Committee the number

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In the bony framework of the inferior turbinated bone

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and their movements are also mentioned. A number of new and

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Phosphorus in Rickets. In a paper recently read before the

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pain from one kidney being referred to the other side he thought

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potassium were e.xhibited in the day. The following are his con

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Meeting will be held in Xew Orleans commencing Tuesday December 7

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have been similarly situated as to occupation and modes of living

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cations of Character by Nicholas 3 Iorgan was published by

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a similar dilBcully in attempting to break into a run or step

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treated by rupture or incision behind the bulb on their merits but

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cm 0wer8 the Council to remove from tho Il r Uter persons

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age rate in the corresponding periods of the seven preceding years

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particular case how long a patient would have lived had the

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through it. Whilst the lamp lights the whole floor of the mouth

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diphtheria in the West Kensington district is writes Dr. Francis

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viously the discharge from the right ear had suddenly stopped