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sent for the piu pose of diagnosis by medical men. The work
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have maintained the negative the presentation of rebutting statistics
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so fully confirmed of the utility of the doctor on service. His
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serve as an evidence of a lesion and reasoning from
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periments on the anatomy and physiology of the chorda tympani nerve
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the above suggestions. If any still remains it must be upon
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Bellevue Hospital.Medical CoUugc and a memh.T of th gt Academy
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in these towns during the week under notice included 83 which were referred
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may occur as an intercurrent ati ection with various cutaneous diseases.
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fective diseases particularly septicaemia orJpyaBmia or diphtheria.
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disease itself nor its direct specific cause which is mttteatn
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acter which at the end of one week demanded tracheotomy. At the end
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that if some doctors st.arted provident dispensaries as they did in
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any three members may be elected a member by the Council or by
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cumspection as to health not only of the actual workers but of
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November ith. Has continued without an untoword sign or
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Street to Liverpool Street Station and conveyed by train to
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can be no doulit that few physiological questions are more
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indicate that so long as the placental circulation is left undis
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micturition. On examination he found a urethral caruncle which he re
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complete immobility of the eye the pupil was in a position mid
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Henry Peek has offered prizes of 1 0. 4U anil Jt JO reppectively
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the doctrine that complete division cures stricture. He has seen too many
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in the vast majority of tliem tliough not in all. These observa
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ing itself by pain with or without swelling it inter
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have been suft ested and many forms of apparatus have been con
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August 23rd. Since the 20th the patient has been wandering at
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jittir sutures. Antiseptic dressing was employed and carbolic acid
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tions should be voluntarv like passing the Staff College.
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Dr. Von Eiselsberg after a masterly examination of this dangerous
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toneal pouch behind the ascending colon. The appendix lay
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tinues until the equilibrium is restored. To tie the cord pre
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stronger proof in favour of enlightened sanitary improvements in
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genital because apparently it dates from birth and cerebral because
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The finger should carefully examine the rectal walls
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the middle of the day when we resumed our experiments after the
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graphed on the subject of the discovery of the microbe of
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have been cases of relapse after live to seven days of seemingly
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Our particular object in alluding to the matter is to point
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no easy task to seek out the cause or significance of these results.
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command the large amount of clinical material upon which it is found
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a decision not to exteml tbe holidays a view quite in acoordonoe
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bacillus active and moving. Anyone reading the record of such
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The house surgeon at the Infirmary Mr. J. Thomai t lls
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hfemorrliage appeared in the left retina. During the whole course of the
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On the other hand the theorj of embolism or obstruction of
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which stridor is a marked feature and which U in my experience
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way to a very inconvenient dislocation of physiological study.
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is more accurately defined the more it approximates to the axial line of
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Beri beri was only met with in the northern stations. Cholera
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fresh sticking plaster so as to secure the same deviation of the