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right the sooner will they free themselves trom ridicule and cease

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before it could be examined. The case is described in the Novem

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doubted that Russian influenza is widel prevalent in Belfast. In

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ported by statistical evidence nor are they based on personal

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able afterwards. Another point was the effect of phosphorus

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gums are given in the Medico Chiruryical Journal vol. lix 1876

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riod of the red man s departure shall have passed the climate

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anaesthetics were combined a very interesting result was gained

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emplnyes of the three railway companies the amount of sickness was never

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variable in slight cases it scarcely lasted for twenty four hours

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creases rapidly spreads widely. 3. Epidemics have been at

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statement of the sanitary in x ctor as reported there had been

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followed where the task of instructing probationers is confided to

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brain. If we relieve this pressure there would certainly be hope

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space as compared with better known but not less important

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in the neighlourhood of the principal tumour. All three were

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tion. The product may be typical in form or atypical. In the

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lore I maiutaui that iu my case relief was obtained directly from

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servative Cicsarean section up to the same date Januarj 1st IS

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vice Superintendent of the Royal Botanical Gardens Calcutta is

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small fibres onlj of nerve and muscle leaving no permanent dis

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operation but that with our present experience this field is diflBcult to

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forty eight a laundress of good family history had complained for over a

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what grounds the column was said to be elongated during sus

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served in the hospitals under Pirogoflf until the end of the

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of hsemorrhoidal tumors or if there is any habitual loss of

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of persons in towns and villages dampness of soil prevailing

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function are irritability contraction assimilation

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somewhat cynically in the daily papers. It is understood that

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a provisional committee the meeting proceeded to elect office

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be involved and was detached and severed from the trachea at the first

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before the Neurological Societj. Dr. Hale White having re

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is described and the more recent plans of Jiacewen and Barker are

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Jones had shown before the Society two small cysts which he

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day Fund shows the amount collected during last year to have

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been anything like so well a he is now either as regards the

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Benjamin Simpson in the one surgeon generalship left to the


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ward when late lesions of an undoubted syphilitic character

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the first costo central articulation between the vertebral

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Alcoholic Paralysi s Spastic Hemiplegia Spastic I araplegia

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After removing the dressing the edges of the remaining

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Stxton s office reveals the following facts. Previous to 1878 the records

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and one half inches below and three fourths of an inch

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effort. This peculiarity involved all the voluntary movements of

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amazing pretence of wisdom in all the medical men who are

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wliere the imiscular fibers were best devolopod. He tlioufrbt tbc fam

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this occurrence was the cause why many cases of lumbar explora

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the middle line. The left hing was quite healthy and there was

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mucus simulating false membrane. The gastro intestinal form

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widely spread the epidemic never assumed serious proportions. Among the

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that he believed to partake of the epidemic influence but he had

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lower portion. Connecting the scapula with the spine

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deep and permanent grooves are formed which are of interest

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address and commenced by thanking the Society for the honour

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eminent phy.sician and whose heroic services during the famine

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Both patients had passed through a mild attack of epidemic

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I have but rarely had occasion to reduce the elongated uvula

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Semmola considers not only that albumiuoids may owing to

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