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great variation of buboes in the time of their appearance. In some cases

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mentioned variety which was the one most often met with. The in

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readily soluble in a small quantity of hot water and remains in

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Hibemont f show that the pressure in the umbilical arteries

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failure of respiration which invariably occurred before the

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years has proved. The explanation of the malformation seems

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cases of closun of the jaws from spasm or other cause it gives

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to prove valuable as it is producible only by doses which verge

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and some looseness of the bowels was produced. One eighth grain

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in September 1954 to listen to Dean Brown tell them what medical

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Keubahr adopted the principle of folding in the skin and soft

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for introducing to your notice the subject of abscess of the liver

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gentlemen declared they had seen none of the so called Russian

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lieve it to be the best method of employing the actual cau

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Some of the original septic.clots however it is supposed may be

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weeks of December scattered cases of illness which we did not

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in the Caucasian race and in the crosses of this race with the

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endorsed Applications for Medical Officer to John Peed clerk Whittle

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the epithelial cells. The peripheral prolongations of the olf ac

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border somewhat with inspiration and expiration. The right

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admission. The fit always began in the left thumb and index

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right arm and leg. Cutaneous sensibility was abolished throughout the

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Walter Smith. The Commission has also fi.xed as a quorum for

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every case examined post mortem there was an association with

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varieties and complications present themselves that no sane person probably

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In this short paper nothing beyond a mere outline of the main

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more or less a process of asphyxia. In the warm climate of

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and the operator put sudden pressure upon the spines.

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The erysipelatous and pneumonic forms which were very fre

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by the inflammation but by the injury which set up the pro

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Among the losses which the medical profession in the United

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number of red blood globules diminished to 500 000 in a cubic millimetre.

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