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and St. George and Tahria Topan Esq. the founder of the

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space and lie anterior to a most important structure

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such development generally begins in early life and is often here

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now perfectly well the father died last year of phthisis. Dt.

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authors conclude that the reduction of temperature is not due to increased

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We have heretofore labored under the impression that before one

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centrally to the main nerve trunk whence they follow

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the test of experience theorising was most essential but now

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the purpose and at the same moment rotation outwards and ad

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there was a small stationary aneurysm at the bifurcation of the

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of the ab.sceSH a few days before it was opened with a hollow

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facts which have been stated by others fit into it but has

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the trochanter major is the femoral ring which is the

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tbe elasticity of the bones in early life was related. Th cn. s

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while the massive musculature is prone to deposit the

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ing across the median line just above the umbilicus. The umbilicus itself

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by producing some degenerative change that if not arrest

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cords and columns of the mitral valve. In the more pronounced

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happiness of the human race. Sir John Forbes Sir Risdon Bennett

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plained either by nerve disturlmnce or by the blood and yjus or

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thousands of pounds are being wasted each year public intere. t

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plate. There was no element of heredity in the case. The other casts

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of potassium and cyanide ol mercury being dissolved together in

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been so unfortunate as to lose it for health is a jewel

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in these cases or showing the effect of pregnancy on a phthisical

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November 30th forwarded my account to the clerk of the local Board of

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considered in a consecutive manner though his principal dis

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justly reproves oxygen specialists who as he says claim too

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tion of candidali S for ci rtilicates of regi.si ration under the

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at three inches I passed the needle through the seventh or eigVith

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Cummins for Dr. Pearson showed a specimen of Tienia Solium

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vices were always of a cordial character. Hi first wife was the

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trations carried to anaesthesia the number of patients being ten no dis

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however more serious and we will in conclusion point out the

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the limb should be encouraged until its functions are regained. In the

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A CONTEOVEESY which took place at the recent meeting of the

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committee owed 1S I00. They had built a new hospital which

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Cilaisher s tables either Sy the medical officers of health or some

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the elements which occupy the region of distinct vision the

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must either accept such a reform of the present constitution

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liable source deserves in itself careful attention and this is en

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locality of the lesion or upon the more perfect recovery of the

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branes of the nose and chest. In some persons it is the stomach

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less and he feels brighter. Dr. Pritchard kindly saw the case with

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medical relief for nothing if they could. Mr. Ball had spoken

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recorded mortality in recent years can thus be very readily seen.

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value of the system. Those lepers who were not in the asylums

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Ajiatomy. Mr. Sharp is a Vice President of the Entomological

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diarrhoea without griping whilst the fourth variety shows an

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mences and continues till about the middle of September.

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Topographical Anatmny of the Abdomen. Dr. BnooKS exhi

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communication will shortly be addressed to the Colleges by the

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pouch bladder cavity unJ large vesical inguinal sac deari U of

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the other. At the present season cases of croupous pneumonia

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Asylums Board with regard to the views expressed by the College

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cured from Eimer amp Amend. Same day three specimens of

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under the microscope from becoming very generally used.

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contraction is reduced by steady pressure applied to

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used for the reproduction of the original drawings or photographs

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observed until the triumphant cry of contamination could burst forth

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understand how the clear eye becomes stupid as coma ap

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and unlike Thiersch and others instead of a mere shaving of

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existing malady and by all known precautions applied with

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after the complete disappear ince of the cycloplegia. At this time