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adopted to ward off a visionary evil of this kind intensifies the

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a demonstration by Dr. Augustus Waller on man and uninjured

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it down on your paper. Now I hold up another letter write

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chloroform to relax the sphincter and quiet the involuntary

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afford us a simple and consistent e.xplanation of many or all of

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medical examiners other than Fellows should only be elected for

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drawn forward and cut off in front of the glans. Recision simple

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have a very large experience of it at least as compared with our

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source of the injury can be proved by medical and otlier evidence

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There were several ve. sicles on the tongue and inside of tlie mouth.

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spoke of the advantages of introducing simple flexible threads where

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cancerous growth overlapping the mouth of the left ureter the

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A SHORT interim report has been published by Dr. George Stern

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these fibres are attached to the same or to different nerve cells

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describe or at least to indicate the appearances o morbid

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to do satisfactorily in periodical examinations in order to retain

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account of Dr.. rning s departure from Honolulu but it is known

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of comfortable existence and there is nothing to prove that

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only lost the psychical representations of the movements of the

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the germ theory of disease he referred to earlier in

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rigidity the big toe all the while bent and pointing upwards.

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coated with some non irritating substance. Should it

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other coats of the bowel and when the first stool takes place

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the drainage tube might account for the intact nature of the skin

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fluenza in the old and large sense. The infectious substance con

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demic was amongst us by the daily invasion bj the numbers

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character or quantity. The author has tried apomorphia in strychnia

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treated with the ammoniacal sulphate of copper. Five of the cases are

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or some part of the intestine being. 1 presume led to this opinion

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same affection. Our correspondent is therefore quite at liberty to quote our

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Collegeville. Pennsylvania is both the home of Bob and the

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the patient. After the first five or sis inspirations the ether

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was not deranged. Attention to detail in treatment was important an

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and when found together in the same case are clearly independent

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cervix by theccrniseur in this form of the disease was inadmissible.

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for the scientific inquiry as to the condition of the school population showeth

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healthy animal the introduction must be followed by

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power. 1 did not see the case for the four following days being

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western Fever Hospital appoint amp I Acting Medical Superintendent of the

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no history of anything which might have caused new connective tissue

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Journal are requested to communicate beforehand with the Manager 429

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vessels were completely filled with blood corpuscles. The arteries showed

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quite needlessly introduced into a purely scientific riLscussion nnd

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a larger percentage of the civil population have buffered.

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sold he had had twenty years experience and knew every detail

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which they cut off the plaster bandage from a simple fracture. Ilis own

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deeply situated di bris of fibrin and brown pigment could be re

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sity Fund about three fifths were derived from medical gradua

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when the message came and on my arrival the child was born and

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fatality from scarlet fever occurred in Shoreditch and Mile End

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a fixed wage limit pointing out that it must necessarily vary in

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superficial or intercostal may manifest itself. This is