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November and December with a low degree of humidity and a
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exercise due discrimination with respect to the cases to be dealt
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information about the history of cases from the clinical staff nor
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ranging from HM to 103.5 and 104 V. intense throbbing head
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recalls us vividly to the change of the world s ottitude for it
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and think that the keynote of the whole question has been struck
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the new symptoms supervened. Taken ill on January 7tb with
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terms of efficiency with the medical departments of University
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to the respiration of the monkey and he died. It was simply
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had he ever seen a case of hiemogtobinuria after burns.
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and there was no return of pain until the following morning.
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always to be required but if a discretionary power of re
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are faitlifully carried out operative interference is seldom called for. But
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swollen and there was a free discharge of thin pus from two or
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place. Though the patient at first suffers from painful sensations these
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number of cases the percentage having eruptions was barely 25.
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where winter wellnigh exists continuously and where sudden
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from prolonged saturnine intoxication with potassium iodide and
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demic. It has been notified to the Public Health Committee of
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rheumatic fever with probably some dilatation of the heart for
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Anicmia on the other hand maybe said to favour the condi
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To study these as they should be studied to investigate their mi
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were healthy. The liver was large and weighed seventy two
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perfect and so far they have been found only in fishes. The
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fashionable phrase auto intoxication by carbonic acid the
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cal ramus of the jaw. This lump had immensely increased in
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hundred cases and in the vast majority the result was satis
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orange and brown refers to different degrees of brightness or
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uouseholders of moving the local authority by calling upon its
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this is only from ni Cc sity. Our designs are comprehensive our
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than twenty stools in the day the evacuations were pale very
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tracheotomy. Dr. Morison also showed a specimen of Absence of
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and digestive organs which are attacked leading to violent
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for the retention of Surgeons General beyond the age laid down
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the child crying. These attacks would come on many times both
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of a well known chemist. The Committee wisely it must be
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opening of this.second abpceps there is one practical point to which
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syphilis under the name of prodromal symptoms. They occur just at
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without inwards or the condition may be the outcome of both
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from the law as merely apparent for. regard being had to the notable
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by careful precipitation by chemical reagents was fouud suUicient
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Villi Extra uterine Gestation Sterility Dermoid Cysts and
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uric acid in the tissues and removing such deposits when already
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deafness. The results I have obtained in a three years experience
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ward. Passed a better day and took food better. Ptosis less
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for each prescription dispensed or on that of a certain percentage ol cluh
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count fingers. The sensitiveness of the skin was gone the rigidity
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Hethnal Green and 4.8 in Stepney. In the east districts the
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inflame political rancour on this the most innocently scientific
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tire twenty four hours 55 1. Suft ering from heat and sun
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prevalent one that in all things the medical man and
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took part in the discussion and Dr. Wai lace Beativ replied.
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I then took the magnet away and then moved it over the
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scribed which has the property of causiug fatty oils to emulsify
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houses of one apartment but in the two and three roomed houses.
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Transactions of the Ophlhalmolofncal Sorietr of the United Kingdom Vol IX.
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Mr. Hulke congratulated the author on the brilliant success of his
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other local symptoms and not infrequently commencing sud
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of mucus and afterwards dryness of the throat slight giddiness
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The chapter on bacteria and other parasites has been to a large
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but were anxious to confer with the Committee of the College o
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rotid diminish the objection arising from the difficulty of making a diag
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ditional examiner in clinical surgery. In other departments of
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of the medical education of women had been formed not many
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the customs of the Zulus bearing on the etiology of the disease.
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The deformities of face and intellect which seem to be the