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physical laws and phenomena it is of course rudimentary in

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deserve. At the present time we suspect that a great deal of the

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of an infectious case to cause a thorough disinfection

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rabbits gave no paralysis not even depression after the last

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The main distinction drawn is that indicated above namely

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resented by the working classes. Your committee theiefore think

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the movements of the left eyeball are in harmony with the right

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her a record of unflinching devotion to duty and constancy in

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rather rapidly over her face and hands it is attended by very

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entangled lens capsule. After enumeration and discussion of the

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there continued his studies in Paris. In 1842 he entered the

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says since the downfall of blood letting no medical man would

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he could not move the toes. No discoloration was noticed till a

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process of the vertebra indicating a lateral movement

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habit of sending animals that were not doing well to the auction

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his creditors have it is stated brought his case into the Court of

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deteriorate by keeping even in a hot climate and bears a high

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whether solid or liquid. Even the smallest bougie failed to pass

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and Rogues and Vagabonds in that part of Great Britain

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therefore filter beds of flint and limestone are proposed as pre

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pedicle and to increased experience on the part of the operators. He

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founded upon Histology and Cellular Pathology. With an Appendix.


DouWlei Iv many of these deaths were more or less referab e o

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the cases in which they were used they acted etficiently and

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hygiene has appeared since the beginning of the year. It is

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war in IWl and received the medal and the Khedive s bronze star.

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Chemical examination also showed the samples to be affected by

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communication and that they will publish a full account shortly

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of the Government but the extent even of the disease there was

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into the portal vein. 4. Suppuration in the mesentery and the

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then chamois and afterward yellow in color but finally it is

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that all the manosuvres are deferred. Up to the present time

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and constant supporter of his alma mater the University of Notre

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mesonephros are easily recognised in the fo gt tal testis under the

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In reply to Dr. Jones s statements I assert that the penin

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bridge in 1876 and entered the Bengal army as surgeon on

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Green 8 to Lambeth and J to Wandsworth sanitary areas. Of

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senting nothing paroxysmal. The data seemed insufficient to warrant a

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OTir judges when they read the judgment of history on the

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tractile pains in the body. On January 20th last labour came on

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sional insanity are disorders in which there is active delirium

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examine the articulation of the tubercle of the rib

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vein was distended with blood but with the first inspiration it

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sure over femoral by a succession of volunteers was employed for

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duction of abortion. Since Cullen had lirst noted that phthisis

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the map thus marking the insanitary condition of the drainage

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geons and in the case of ruptured intestine the student should

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cut off with scissors. Microscopically it proved to be a villus

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were from time to time investigated. ith appropriate nasal

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or shallow corneal wound may without the transplantation of a fla he

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to be limited to the temporal bone and further the dermatitis

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selves except as confirmatory evidence. Authors frequently

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isomeric variation of salicylic acid which might be responsible for