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in the first part of the Transactions of the Obstetrical Society of

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opportune moment. He states that epidemic influenza after many

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Lecturer on Diseases of Children in the University of Otago.

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improvement in the granulation process. An important fact in this connec

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cept in one and the general condition continues steadily to improve.

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space and the superior longitudinal sinus. It bears close analogies

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tioner justice of the peace chairman of a board of guardians or a

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Professor Gairdner then went on to consider the view that the

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ing for decision. 3. When such application is made a description

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move. Intracranial or rather be it said intrameningitic pressure

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patient lie obliquely across the table and then put an

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chief cavities of the body and to demonstrate the parts and

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severe morbus cordis with all the signs of general congestion and

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full influence of the epidemic of influenza in the increased amount

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can when occaaion requires be substituted for the small concave

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injury a danger is presented in the form of tetanus which

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Fox are quoted in hydrophobia only a passing reference

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the disease beyond a possibility of error in diagnosis. In many

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ble pepsins showing samples of 2ya2 aine from the carica papaya and of

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circular of the Executive Committee dated London September 1880 as

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Our Manchester Correspondent writes In view of the possible and

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use two fingers within the uterus as crabs do when they grip anything

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amount of haemoglobin in them are described and call for no

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patients nothing did any good but dilating the cervix and follow

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its metal end forms the best stethoscope with which I am ac

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the arterioles of the extremities with subsequrnt distension of the

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more acts as a hindrance to mastication and often renders the

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which on other occasions is reserved for cases of small pox etc.

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does not confer immunity by an attack there are many instances

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lower end of the inguinal canal especially the external abdominal

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Db. Nobman Moobe s unpretending but thoroughly genuine little

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at Drogheda and a large number of persons have been attacked

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upon one of themselves to be the member of the Board of Studies

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cation of sensational and profitable details. Any proposed

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lary and the right frontal cavity also between the posterior wall

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evil which it is to be regretted has been permitted for so long

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Hethnal Green and 4.8 in Stepney. In the east districts the

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eight hours to allow of the possible disengagement of any gas

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