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the hall of Marischal College by Mr. Edward B. Tylor on January

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increase of temperature bilious vomiting and purging accom

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In a letter addressed to the Editor of the British Medicai

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hours the patient died death occurring ultimately very suddenly

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fourteen cases I have had no death due to the operation. All

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of a pale yellowish green colour and had a rancid butyric smell.

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the patient related to that specialty. The patients were efficiently

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to record their experience of the old subject of infant assurance

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below and carried upward beyond the pupillaiy margin and

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details being succinctly given. Charity is here classified into its

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self digestion to embolism. But the experiments of Brown

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The I rnijer vied. Wochenschrift of January 1st contains the

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October 3rd. Slept well only once tried to get up on his

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are sunshine and a very dry atmosphere the only or indeed the

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stration which in the long run must mean economy and

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subjects of lymphatic tempirament. and cases now rightly

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rior division of the spinal nerves to their muscular

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Nevertheless the average mortality is still higher than it was at

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book on the animal alkaloids. The nature and scope of the

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simple reversing movenaent the central tube is reinserted the

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hesitation in affirming that it is glycuronic acid. It is however

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case for the home health resorts. Indeed so far is this from

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seemed to cause the blister to be more painful after the mag

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the mortality of the State are the Army Medical Reports the

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commencing after a fracture of the humerus in a lad aged 22.

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intermittent fever among some squadrons of the Austrian army.

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also. If during this early exploration one or two pyelitic dila

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the subsequent cough and debility but I think quinine is the

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repeated fi.t short intervals in order to destroy any developing

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of which there are two the London Anti vivisection Society

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Dislocation of the Koee. There was a history of a fall followed a

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region vary somewhat from the acinous type and are com

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partment of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and recommended

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crease of cyanosis. The heart sounds were feeble there was

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every case examined post mortem there was an association with

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lation had very considerably increased. Taking Kelly s Directory

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affect a large surface and the eruption may be almost general. Like

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yellow is formed the excess of light will be absorbed and the

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crystal ball shows a suburban practice of Internal Medicine in the

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of clinical clerk and dresser at his own hospital the minimum

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they are sujierior or even equivalent to the Riviera in matters

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Disease is the reversed condition. It represents a Life compared

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line and could not stand with his feet close together without sup

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pai chment like skin having a granular surface like shagreen marked

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ters have described as occurring even during the first incubation indicat

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the American Medical Association Chicago June 13 1956.

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position at the llrst attempt. As regards the after progress

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majority of cases of pleuritic effusion were of tubercular origin.

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in Europe. About 90 per cent of the total number of animals

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Professor Slrutlnrs which occurred at Aid. ri hot on Saturday

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present affection. He was unable to take part in the usual boys

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and Rogues and Vagabonds in that part of Great Britain

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have the property of endurance which belonged to the truth of

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surgeons. Within the last year and a half the British Medical

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method we consider more troublesome and less satisfactory than Fow

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t.ESTO.N read the notes of a boy who in the commencement of the

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the main conclusions put forward are on this account incontest

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of these nerve trunks from pressure and secondary implication of the cord.