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The nerves supplying sensory fibres to the scalp are

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moved to an asylum for acute melancholia. Dr. Benington saw

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cystotomy was then performed the bladder being found by the

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tion lasted for thirty two days yielding suddenly on the fiftieth

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as laparotomy a term applied to it by our countryman

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monia and one of spasmodic laryngitis or false croup. In the cases ot

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chill or too long exposure to cold also to distriliute hot tea twice

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this Society held on January 8th the following were elected

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I have even shown that after double extirimtion the dogs have

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was raised by Mr. Reginald Harrison. The patient left the

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plete unanimity on the main issue there is every reason to

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week was born at.Moscow in ln32. In 1850 he began the study

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albuminuria is due to conditions local to the kidneys as conges

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Oeneral 80 yean Brigade Surgeon Surgeon Major and Surgeon S.l years.

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among persons in the full bloom of manhood and under circum

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been compelled to abandon it as the voice had become weakened and

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a curious process like the finger of a glove ran horizontally in

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comparison in the feeling conveyed in the touch and this is by

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ful point. The author considers that menthol is the active antiseptic and

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little oozing of blood may take place from the wound and the

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fluenza or a mild type of the disease itself Dr. Donovan is not

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opalescence is gradually and almost uniformly rai. pd by successive

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Hill.station and subsequently aged 18 returned to Calcutta. He

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not severe enough to cause absolute fracture may yet so damage the bone

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tainly if the skin be reddened the surface of the liver will be

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in Illinois. I will therefore advise patients in the latter stages

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in connection with an acute exanthem. Allow me to inform you

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Gentlemen There is no class of eruptions with which it

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form of pessary employed should vary in accordance with certain unknown

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