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was the First Symptom. A case of leprosy which was brought
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or the duties of medicine and while sometimes accused
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only. The drum is half submerged in a cistern of water in which
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demic but this is probably much under the mark. It is significant
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in gait and excitable in manner for some one or two minutes but
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but this is undoubtedly the result of convictions in regard to the efficacy
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sumption so frequent in Florida and at p. 289 answers
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times head dressed a good deal of discharge 12 ounces of milk
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Sir I cannot refrain from joining Dr. Ilassall in repudiating
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Professor Cunningham had been recommended the periglj ph by
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growths or the accumulation of fluid within this cavity. The
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Historv and Uses of the Protected Surgical Lamp Mr. N. Stevensoi
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rous proofs of the truth of this theory during the late typhoid
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in turn will freely allow them to be most capable and distinguished
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from the diagnosis namely cases in which there was intens
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recently cited at the Paris Academy of Medicine the case of the
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spinal nerve and with it to the wrappings of the cord
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tioation such as he proposes being entirely independent of theory
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was out of town on the.Saturday evening when the symptoms
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The work of the Union was commented upon by all the speakers
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To determine these conditions the patient should be
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and under his chairmanship the Western Hospital has been very
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were collections ot small round cells resembling granulation tissue
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by people taking refuge from the common invader it is to be
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rhacic spots were observed on the left forearm and thigh. During
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pr. ictitioners in Monaco was received and a further communi
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palatable preparation and in every respect well adapted for the
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Iiortslroni Ceylon have considerably decreased and will become still
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down unconscious remaining so for about ten minutes and
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hanging comparatively powerless Sensation was undisturbed.
time he will be called upon to refund these expenses. They con
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varying lengths of time. The pus coagulated in small flocculi. This se
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removed in its capsule the hyaloid was adherent to the corneal
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