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Hospital where his father was one of the most popular members

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jects of the paper were 1 to elicit more accurate information ns

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sages. The respiration was diaphragmatic and there was paralysis of the

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of a series of changes as congestion and enlargement of the body

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appeared in the Guy s Hospital Reports of 1865. There

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the ulna. The scaphoid tubercle may be distinguished

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for the purposes of the Act the medical oflicer and in. ipector should

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where no such changes of temperature occur. Moreover the

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no fissure at the neck of the bladder and no vesical irritation. Dr.

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but I would strongly advise an examination of the throat as a

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vesicles have left a purple stain which is fading gradually.

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around the edge of the os also by pressure on clitoris

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hymen and to the vesicula i ro8t8tica of the male. Jt bore I

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medical treatment of the poorer classes and to report with sug

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That a change in this direction is inevitable has been recognised

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action of the extensor proprius the plantar arch falling through

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MAN read notes of a case of purpura hajmorrhagica observed in a

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much impressed with his sayings. But lately we heard

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case by wrapping it in an antiseptic material the exterior was

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up and its variations in number colour size shape etc. described

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the majority of cases the disease had the nervous and catarrhal

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must consider the ovary s sympathy with the generative organs

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is an important factor in osteopathic manipulation for

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justifiable to forestall all this suffering by a resort to excision in certain

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attitude even at the present day. is one of suspended judgment.

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Public Health Department. We shall bemuch obliged to Medical Officers

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facial muscles may show some slight convulsive disturbunce and

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mained normal the patient making an uninterrupted recovery

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ever necessarily follow that because this was the sequel the

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the glands with iodine or iodide of lead the duty of the surgeon

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which it possesses its own method and which is a kingdom to

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partly to the high temperature and partly to the absorption of the

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growth of the pharyngeal tonsil and indirectly to ear lesions in

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charge committee whose duty was to see that the applicants

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Sarcoma of Lunr. Dr. Davies showed a specimen of sarcoma

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had previously resided. By this means alone can trustworthy

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certainly through the abdominal wall and drew off to my

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which was unanimously adopted drew attention to the following

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members shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the

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like this has been passed. There is no doubt the sheriffs decision

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authorities. Dr. Corfield then stated that the School Board had

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in contact with a showcase which he was helping to carry has

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returned to its n mal position. Afew weeks latera plastic opera

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The Practitioner s HandhooTc of Treatment or the Principles of

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Election of Officers. The meeting terminated with the election

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lication of the results of work done in the Laboratories shall be

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closely the clinical history of similar cases carefully noting the

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cal officers on the Board but whether paid or honorary they

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The table shows that tvS separate atiministrations of exalgine

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Street W. for carrying out my ideas in the designing of this

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for the Coroner s CoUrti Hitherto inquests have been held in a

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In conclusion I may say that the binaural stethoscope with

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tional meetings has been granted to the Congress by the authorities of the

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the organs mainly involved. Yet so it was in the present case

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cookery which will also be found valuable. Nurse probationers

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the temperature at its highest was between 100 and 102.

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the opalescence becoming very dense at 78 C. No flocculi

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ing as a blacksmith being shed en masse. That on the feet which

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plaintiffs claimed. He gave leave to appeal in this case also.

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cologist to the Wolverhampton and Staffordshire General Hospital.

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Hails from V Arlington V J. bu1 since das been thoroughly

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at the desire of Sir J. Fsyrer. The tube had been shortened to

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As it happened the case was adjourned for a week and Dr.

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attribute the greater prevalence of the disease amongst males to

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tary conditions of Vienna during December last. From this report

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comparisons let it be with other parts of our own country

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great a strain for him he decided to remain here as a voluntary

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mitted the leper to quarantine in the custody of the city. The