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demned the existence of the abattoir in its present situation on
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JouBNAL on November 23rd Dr. Kevington maintains that Dr.
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Islington has just been decided by Mr. Justice Grantham and Mr.
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should be made payable at the West Central District Office
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in. one hundred cases deducting those immediately fatal and
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fnnuenz rom the latest rotu s from Paris it appears that th
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and anxious to explain everything. No one who has come
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While pursuing experimental investigation into the anatomy of
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same sense that a pelvic abscess opening into the rectum could
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and torn off with the latter at the post mortein examination.
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rotid diminish the objection arising from the difficulty of making a diag
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Mr. Howard Marsh of St. Bartholomew s in a similar case
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simultaneously. The changes in the cheek which affect ex
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The lectures on Sterility and Hysteria are suited for the instruc
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production of constitutional disturbance but he thinks it in danger of
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perature during the same period has been alternately warm and
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real value. Morell lackenzie long ago asserted that the cases which
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no great stretch of the imagination to suppose that American
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hygiene Professor Lalleni ut of N ancy and Professor L. Perroud
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adopt and we would wish you to urge the Chippenham authorities to combine
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nervous symptoms at once disappeared. The writer does not regard the
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argue from that case that a muscular tissue will relax
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innocuous in cases of hsemorrhagic or hydrophthalmic glaucoma. After the
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gynaecologists such for instance as laparotomy for the removal of
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swelling of the right Cowper s gland. The application of ice and
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jection was made it killed all the parent worms and did good for
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medical profession in Clifton. The modus operandi adopted by
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the pancreas was absent in this case. Apart from the rarity of
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Battey s operation. Hysteria complicated surgical diseases in a
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student and will serve principally to indicate in what directions re
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the leprosy question. Instead of waiting for the legislation
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errors. In spite of the conflicting evidence from India Dr.
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clavicle is depressed it can be raised by passing the
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medical relief for nothing if they could. Mr. Ball had spoken
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in a normal seven months child. The caacum lay at the level of
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the infiltration of mucous membranes. The symptoms are pain of a dull
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dition there found. 8. Have you seen any peculiar manifestations from
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of mortality continues in the same proportion as that recorded
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convulsions coming on rather late in puberty. I called it con
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member of the U. S. Navy medical student program which will
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productions are so exact that although uncoloured they will
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he had never complained of abdominal pain. On the day after
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being a decrease of 2.26 per 1 000 in comparison with the average
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right in describing the case as strangulated. These crecal hernial
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of private persons in others initiated by the Mansion House
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I will give you a reason for not conferrinff military rank 6n medical
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is being made. It was to avoid this difficulty that the hook
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that organ and the gut he comforted himself with the reflection
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Manuscripts forwarded to the Office of this Journal ca.nnot under any
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Qovernment Board OH Ihe matter under Section 19 of the Local Government
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study the process of diffusion in the paper of which this account
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contagia is greatest during the first three or four days after de
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I James Uunlop as dispensary physician to succeed Dr. Middleton
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clinical opinions of his generation far beyond any
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we thought over carefully as to whether we should do them or
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gums. The nature and mode of origin of the blue line in the
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temper and this in turn aggravated the disease. I have asked
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whore fasting and mortification unduly prolonged have given
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I therefore no one would advise him to take civil proceedings.
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symptoms of fever and prostration and a seuee of weariness in all