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The bacteriological investigations carried out by Professor
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the cause or the product of the disease. Then we can
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In answertothe further question whethertbedisease was contagious
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and some looseness of the bowels was produced. One eighth grain
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he administration of 15 to 25 mg. of a diluted solu
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ments provoques par les excitations du cerveau. Acad des Sci.
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to the Secretary of the Branch. Xo member can be elected by a
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Nieden enters into no hypothesis it is reasonable to suppose that
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of the recognised symptoms of plugging of the portal vein.
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a lady has been chosen to fill the post of resident medical officer
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McVail. A short time since attention was called in the
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India who have to pass in certain standards before the3 can draw
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markable deliverance of Mr. Justice Scephen was cited wherein
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fifth anniversary dinner of the German Hospital on April 23rd at
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requiring aid while l li89 were assisted directly by the Society and
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and Reserve Forces proposed by the President and responded to
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the clot communicated with the peritoneum by an opening of the
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LocKiE showed a Renal Calculus removed by Dr..Maclaren and
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First the question arises as to the character of the first
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Under the head of Primary Syphilis there is an increase of 5.73
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to record their experience of the old subject of infant assurance
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in Plymoutli and Halifax. Of the 52 deaths from diphtheria recorded during
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our resources. In case of a tumor attached anteriorly were it exposed
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a fall five weeks and a half previously. I afterwards learned that
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