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tudinal incisions always healed. If the ureter were torn across it
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disparity in the pupils are the predominant features of the
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interscapular region. By this treatment the heart is
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the surrounding tissue so that when the iridectomy is subse
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needle was pu3hed upwards and inwards through the substance
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potassium were e.xhibited in the day. The following are his con
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ment the one on the right side containing nearly three pints of
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To put it plainly An imperforate hymen in the male should ob
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gested that medical evidence was desirable. Yes said the coroner but
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by recurring exacerbations. These recurred at first only at night but
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the degree offered them in the new Royal University of Ire
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cidedlj. More so than in any State in which I liave lived.
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without waiting for the bleeding to stop and the wound should
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spector of Lunatic Asylums in room of Dr. Hatchell resigned
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an action for malicious prosecution against his accuser and to
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Lesions of the segmentary peri axile type described by Gombaut
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that such a subject should be treated from this point of view in
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the urine decomposing with every prospect of septic matter reach
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not control the bUeding each edge of the wound must bo lifted
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cal anil sanitary literature. It deals especially with the ever
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moved from a man s throat also a woman the subject of rapidly
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Court resolved to approve of the appointment of John Gordon
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The blald r was well waslu d out with boracic solution a
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population. The disease is clearly infectious and in some dis
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tributions to the infirmary alike from churches public works
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posed that he had any enmity towards his friend saying
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epidemic has continued t o spread and is still spreading but get
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warm saturated solution were injected into the stomach with an
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mistry and physiological chemistry as well as most German and
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this State demand that they should be contradicted. In mak
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tions as nit.tut iu the Notilication of Infectious Diseases Act 2. Are the
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are those of Professor McKendrick and Sir George Macleod
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patient allows no steady view. Much more sensible knew his
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measurable amounts of essential information from innumerable charts
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close to the urethra and the vaginal wound left open for drainage.
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to cause death or rather how deaths were likely to occur during
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Committee thank you for the testimony you bear that its work
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in nearly every imjiorlant tciwn from Hamburg in the north to
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purpuric eruption chiefly but not necessarily confined to the
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laryngismus. He says It may be useful here to advert to a
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my mind are as sufficient and conclusive as any I have ever
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the trunk or of an extremity. 2. To demonstrate one of the
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centres. Of course a further but entirely secondary purpose
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Lumbar and other Pains. Backache an early and almost con
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cases this adhesion combined with an entanglement of iris was