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sacraments or rites of the religion to which they belong.
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The Bill will be simply a Consolidation Bill drawn some
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that there is a four weeks incubation period in leprosj. He does
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general acceptation of the doctrine that given time patience and gentle
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in the production of the phenomena of many forms of insanity
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the family had ntired to rest. He did not appear at breakfast
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to this the spasmodic attacks recur with greater frequency
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Florida than in any State except Kevada and this advantage
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admitted when it was found that the bed was wet with urine.
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eral concluding with special considerations as to its applicability in
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Chancellor and Vice Chancellor to confer Honorary Degrees.
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least twice daily and to write out a clinical journal of the case
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Dr. Mitchell Bruce writes on the diseases of the heart and circu
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tempt to teach deaf mutes to speak is not entirely modern.