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Western Branch writes So far as I have been able to learn there

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and troops were not subjected to the same influences and

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second anterior dorsal position with protrusion of the left arm.

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year fifty seven persons died on the entire property showing an

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West End of London writes to us with reference to the cases now

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metagenesis ncphridia and telolecitlial over their long established

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urethral diverticulum would have been formed and the

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spection and to contribute to their education and maintenance.

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Before he operated he had every reason to believe that there was

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steadily increasing from year to year. During the last twenty

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two papers on pi mphigus contagiosus and tinea imbricata deal

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superior border of the sixth rib to the inferior angle of

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t e manner indicated by the author. Even when the phthisis

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smeared with carbolised glycerine. The uterus contracted firmly

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Hundreds of people were present in the churchyard by

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SltiuogtborldiU act Kgl. prtuislKheu Academic d r Wlwcochalttn ISta

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to pneumonia whioh exceeded the average by 17. From the latest

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Army with their Stations and Duties as reported to the Surgeon General

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cular respiratory and alimentary varieties is artificial and by no

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the arterial system is overfilled from the additional power of

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cases. Rectal examination will reveal much as to the

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kidney was ilirectly stimulated by the crystals of uric acid or of

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which nutritive material is accumulated in or among the cells in

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albumen is so affected at a definite temperatiure peculiar to itself

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producing practitioners in no way inferior to the graduates of

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arguments as might be supposed for first of all Stokvis found

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Holmgren s wools but failed to recognise some of my glass letters

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at the end of a fe v seconds he became so violently excited

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newspapers were prohibited from reporting or commenting

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with the action of nearly all other pain subduing agents and from

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man of great ability he was also a man of very marked temper.

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to the Commanding Officer Fort Leavenworth Kansas for temporary

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though we cannot tell that this may have been the starting point

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Strahan Goorkha Light Infantry Sur lt eon Ma or A. B.

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control enough to prevent accidents provided the patient

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concisely described under each the etiology the pathological anatomy

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ments are very numerous and an abstract can not be made satisfactorily.

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cord is found coiled around the neck it should be loosened by

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Gley considered that the experiments confirmed the theory of

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eventually succumbed to the inevitable hopelessness of the situation

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the only condition i xact.ed from a candidate for admission to the

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slceration of the Neck. The patient was a woman aged 75 with

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American Journal of Olmtetrici. Ue decided upon operation

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less we are much mistaken this matter has practicallj been settled

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by no means common but of another form not so much charac

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the inspection. It would bo the duty of the Health Society to

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The charge is investigated and in the result we are glad to

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to the multiform uses of the arm and hand the shoulder

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cannot convey the products of waste to the perivascular spaces

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share in the distribution. First an open door for the admission

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liefore the same Society M. Malassez stated that he has tried

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not quite certain they were not originally formed in the prostate


foreign albumen into the skin causes not only albuminuria which

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disease depressing its vitality. There is however no history of

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Complete recoTery. The autlior pointed out the differences between

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one week after its onset his face was irregularly red covered with

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assumption made by Dr. Jolles that Friedlander s bacillus hag

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on the wrists and ankles and some other parts of the body. At

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McLaury and Dr. Griswold. The disease had now spread the uterus

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As regards the treatment of these cases what has been

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others bearing on the effects of the removal of the thyroid gland

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brim of the pelvis and on separating the adhesions to the pelvic

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here a connecting link between the high tension pulse of uric acid

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it results that either the edge of the pupil is simply depressed

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been considerable. 10th. The patient s condition is so good to day that