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back to its original degree of acidity and heated to the same
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vision of the Cross Acts which allow of the rehousing of the
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infection from person to person. Cholera stands in this class
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rabbits and dogs supplemented by observations of its action upon the
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were transposed and the heart not merely pushed aside as had
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that the Mena House Hotel at the Pyramids is a great success.
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of these did croupous pneumonia actually occur later on.
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attack of measles a spot appeared on hi i face which continued
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On tracing the erythema upwards it ends about a hand s breadth
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needle and failed to find jnis a few days later I introduced sinus
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Six cases have been serious but no deaths have occurred patients
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in the sacculus causing the thin wall to rupture and death there
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both wounds brain and mastoid cells were found healed.
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extended beneath the chin. The neighbouring lymphatic glands
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this when we come to the consideration of special cases.
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see the patient again till that day when I received the following
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phy.xia. Now there is an accident which is not at all
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ordinary symptomsof peritonitis. he temperature usually becoming
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ment by rest administration of iodide of potassium o s. daily
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on the spot. The Progris Medical suggests that every hospital in
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bin not one case of tetanus occurred. The mortality is very high.
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Gubler and Lailler are referred to as authorities. Taking eczema then
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thickened in places as in other ovaries that he had examined. The author
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minds the highest admiration for the recuperative power of the heart
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It will now be convenient to give a few typical examples of
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enlarged without further change and still others have been shriveled. In
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time was 125 and weaker than before but not alarmingly so.
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whether solid or liquid. Even the smallest bougie failed to pass
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The salicyl compounds are probably those in which it has first
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trates would exercise gi eater care in their preliminary investi
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This bilateral center seems to be associated with the
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beino the case it must have some definite physiological office
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clinical teaching in Dublin has not been taken up for the follow
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resolution in which the governors pledged themselves to do their
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ception were affected. A writer in the Coimhra Medica estimates
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tions of the terminal retinal elements or if we hold the the
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quested him to direct the attention of that officer as well as the
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Hospital and was treated or sciatica. Morbus coxip being dio
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deals with injuries of a simpler kind. And if inflammation is
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nected with an india rubber tube with a mouthpiece attached
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reported very briefly and no details of the plan of treatment are
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gives.500 to tlie Hospital for Women and the residue of his real
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count of the diseases from which the patients suffered and died
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It would be well to avoid immediate contact with patients
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The rash of dengue moreover only appears in about two thirds
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demned the carcasses they were entitled to hold them till they had
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the present state of public opinion it would have been im.
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motor area which went into the left lateral ventricle.
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with l silk sutures. The same dressings as in the previous
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been washed with antiseptic lotion reduction was effected. A