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Correspondents not answered are requested to look to the Notices to Corre

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suffering from influenza and in the case of old and weak patients

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day some pain was developed and the temperature rose to 103 F. The

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Cases. Dr. Carter showed a case of Chronic Spasmodic I araly

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in pulmonary catarrh which has been described as grippe.

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that honesty is the best policj. When the hospitals expend their

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Specimens were taken from a sick horse and also from a monkey

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power was thin and had marked tremor of the lips and tongue

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catarrhs and indeed in 22.9 per cent of the cases there was no

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without seeking aid from the patient. If the eruption is of

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Hethnal Green and 4.8 in Stepney. In the east districts the

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and the point aimed at was the face centre en the right side.

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always with the like result. It was evident that the magnet

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In Yol. I Part 4 of the Archives already referred to

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foetus which was macerated and had attained the normal size at

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ninth ribs. Pus was detected by hypodermic puncture and when

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and adopted with the addition that the stipend of the College

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purpose of enabling persons requiring medical aid to distinguish between

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plete consonance with the fact that except in very advanced cases of long

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aration of the ribs by the aid of the serratus magnus

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