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were compressed by a ligature of rubber tubing. The affected
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ation. In the southern portion of the peninsula the thermom
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this way they have succeeded as already stated in fractionating
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the current decade ISSl to 1S90 the mean annual death rate did
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of grippe but those not attacked complain of want of appetite.
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whether muscular or refractive. His paper is based on an exami
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teaching and examining it would improve the quality and fair
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four or more times at equal distances carrying the cautery
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desire hereby to bear testimony. 1 Hould also apologise for dis
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Yellowlees had had to deal with a considerable number of cases.
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explanation is that by the operation the sphincter iridis was com
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Traduit sur la Premiere Edition Anglaise et annotee parle Doc
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the matter duo to tlie embryologist or comparative anatomist
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six slides contain coloured glasses standard red yellow pure
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atrophy insomnia and asthenopia as results of lead poisoning.
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men who know exactly whether a patient is suffering from the
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Invention ok the Micboscope. The third centenary of the
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August September and October had eruptions but of the total
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the Government omenilments of the law which may not be so
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far salutary but become pathological if they pass the desired
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placed in bed for observation on a restricted diet.
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rather rapidly over her face and hands it is attended by very
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humaninreA constitute the foundation of what may he calle lt l the
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scapula and arm eti masse. Secondary ha3morrhage occurring on
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internships at St. Joseph s and Camden County Psychiatric Hospitals
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found without any of the symptoms of chronic metritis. I speak
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where but none the less to be appreciated. In proof of its
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rapid emaciation. The abdominal muscles were tense and there
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candidates having passed the examination required by the regulations
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which gained entrance into the organism probably by the lungs
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The Trfntise is imi artial in its discussion of theories full and
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as most inflammations are by resistance of connective tissue
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eyes are sometimes fixed and staring at other times rolling
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and to it is added a small proponicn of the acid phosphate of
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result of disease. The hernia he showed was not particularly rare
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passed away did not advise any further treatment and no bad
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superiorly. Above and posterior to it run the hepatic
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reduced in lumen. During dilatation of the arterioles
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his words he had wind in his stomach. This having lasted a
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a destruction of tissue as to give rise to hideous deformities
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of pernicious anremia. The peculiar lemon colour of skin men
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tion of pain in the cutaneous nerves. If this pressure
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Leeson v. The General Council of Medical Education.
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undertook to make the therapeutic experiments but unfortunati ly
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return. The rigors persisted generally as in the last cose twice
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form but the patients were brought back to life by turning them
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fitted up with every convenience for the pursuit of the science of
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had under observation for a long time. In the first stage nothing
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was attached to the 10th Hussars had just completed his 53rd
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strongly predisposed the eye to an attack of glaucoma in some
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sideration that the patient was a boy who like the majority of
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tally and transversely. This is certainly condensed but it is
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A bivetter s apprentice aged 1.5 presented himself at the Eye
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treatment will be to remove the irritation by over
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cm 0wer8 the Council to remove from tho Il r Uter persons
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charge of the men who are dissecting the muscles ligaments
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ind hrnmaties increased also then the red discs increased in
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posed of distinct coarse fibrin filaments mixed with much granular
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and probably decompose. He preferred to make the incision in
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cumstances the parts healed and the presence of a larger or
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Women and Childien at the Yorkshire College elected Honorary Surgeon
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The liver was of normal size and contained three hydatid cysts
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ciation for the Medical Education of Women and of the Edin
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passing from Lombok to Bali we find barbets fruit thrushes and
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against the pelvic inlet is shown by its presence in those primiparse in
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namely cactus grandillorus. I do not presume that it is a
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category. The ponf mnrtem appearances in the human subject and
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passed and are entitled to the certiticate in psychological medi
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it is conceivable that in cajjes of py.Tmia such a material may be
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during the paroxysms of pain. The sterno mastoid and trapezius
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performed on the right side of the skull over the central sulcus
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insix weeks without any suppuration except from the surface of the
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Electrolysis with a Record of Fifty Cases Mr. W. Bruce Clarke
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protrusion. On sounding a stone was found in the cavity of the
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Mr. Tait. which however seem to have little if any direct bearing upon
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being swallowed and vomited otherwise no change. The ques
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