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of the case negatived this view. There was no evidence at any

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of the most hideous deformity from the development of tubercles

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the lower libs. Thinking that there was probably an empyema

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lanzani. who subjected sealed flasks with infusorial

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married aged 44 with the Discoloration of the Skin and constitu

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daily and to note the progress of the woman and child during

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the supinator longus and the extensor carpi radialis

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low mortality from scarlet fever is especially remarkable since

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mnnded considerable attention. The Committee cannot report all

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discipleship which this ainstaking volume offers to the philo

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result sometimes happens when the same thing occurs when a

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immediately on emptyin lt ij the abdominal tumor the bowels

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the General Secretarj. 429 Strand London. Post ollice orders

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he at last published was unassailable. His aim was to base as

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in which the inflammation.spread by the Ku.stachian tube

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space by reproducing it here. But it is not so. The same opinions

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was of a higher social status than the previous case and recently

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door disease. At one time among the hardy immigrants of

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from diphtheria. In lidiuburgh it fatal cases of measles G of w honpingcough.

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a fracture dislocation of the fourth cervical vertebra illustrating

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person whose hands are unaffected. This would seem to indicate that the

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O Connor Chatteris. In addition to other business the case of

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their young days. The Collective Investigation Committee s in

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of epidemic influenza therefore he had communicated with the

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suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. The young sufferer has been absolutely

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departments of the Journal are devote will be found under their respectic

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as stated in some papers to an overdose of morphine.

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tainty of the other method was avoided. He said that subcu

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inal work secured to him at an unusually early age an election as

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uterus was opened and vet the child cried at once on being extracted.

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held up in the address which he delivered before the

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was fully acquitted by the jury and Mr. Justice Stephen before whom the

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line five sixths to the left. The cardiac opening lies

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one inch and on expanding the Ijlades from one to two drachms of

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with the teres major and the latissimus dorsi derived

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above 100 in a typical case. When there were no complications

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since the operation and the patient was doing well. Dr. Squance

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tion as utterly unreasonable and as injurious to the University

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that they attract the discharge from the middle ear and cause a gentle

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posed to sudden changes of temperature. lie was well nourished but pale.

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when walking and in addition about a week later he noticed

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From the author. Exsection of the Lower End of the Femur. By

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and the enterprising proprietor has started a four horse coach

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once. The kidney was contracting and appetite had returned

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of chloroform might be intensified by the simultaneous use of ergot since

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also increased quantity of urine. His relations with his father

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T.ius speaking of sanitary prosecutions he says These pro

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of the face and the modifications which age produces in it is

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lower down say. in connection with the caecum or from caries of

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resemble the hydatid of.Morgagni or remaining sessile be de

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the year 1889 as compared with the first half. There were

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most of the unpleasant symptoms usually associated with a rigor.

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symptoms of this stage which he mentions appear to me to be the

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and employers of labour contribute to hospitals with the object

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the highest in Dundalk and Galway. The death rate from the principal

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Portsmouth has been remarkably free from typhoid fever for some

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humaninreA constitute the foundation of what may he calle lt l the

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During the last six years the patient has been tapped about

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ninety two original papers he has previously written on the sub

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hand the degrees in medicine were ex necensitate rei restricted

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Surgeon. Having reported at these Headquarters is assigned to duty at

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to make arrangements such as will not interfere with the

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FrofcMor o Mfttcria Medics amp Dd Clinical Medicine in the Univenlty of

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diligent dodger of blebs bug bombs and mosquito attacks at

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from Raynaud s disease. Mr. Hutchinson is anxious that other

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local authority to which bodies may be removed pending inter

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late the erection of a hospital containing 100 beds to cost

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sudden alterations as in western Europe. The most marked