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as ovarian tumours of which they gave all the usual signs. At
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quite solidified and reduced to about luie.sixtli of original size.
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hospital for inspection. T f arms could then be raised to a right
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three times a day until the symptoms have markedly abated or entirely
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pathological process proceeding from another diathesis. The eczema
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Alimentary Sijmptoms. The appetite was always impaired and
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separately and a candidate must finish one section before he
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operative and by the various trade and benefit societies in the
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In catalepsy the patient lies often with eyes open and
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whether muscular or refractive. His paper is based on an exami
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because he feels that the time ha not yet arrived for anyone to
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ceedingly convenient for the drying or maintaining at a uniform
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country people but French. Kussians. Germans and other nationalities who
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cases together wit i the symptoms produced were much alike.
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power. Happily the cases nearly always end in complete re
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dilatation. The scalp being shaved and thoroughly disinfected 1
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It is not possible in the time limitations of this discussion to
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ally that affecting the subjacent tissues was relieved by the
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as much success as the Liondon colleges. The provincial
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This fluid contained chlorides and albumen. The next day the
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the limbs I had a temperature of 40 C and severe headache.
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British Medical Association meeting held in Glasgow in isss
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There are according to I rofessor Semmola other organs besides
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East Indian Station. The home station shows a ratio of 40 16
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placed before him. He certainly thouglit that a case was made
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marked ankle clonus on the right side. The patient was quite
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and he cried out with pain when it was straightened. Percussion
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maintain an exclusiveness in the reading of their rules on this
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in this country must be ranked as of at least i ual importance
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sist of the President and Principal of University and King s Col
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appointment by the Board of School Commissioners of special
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UNrvBBSilY OF Rostock. A new medical and surgical clinic
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secretion expelled in small gelatinous masses apart from dtf e