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this work puts no fees into the pockets of the military doctors.
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in one third of the cases and a third organism described by Dr.
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muzzling order if they thought tit to all their districts appeared to
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before the heart this was the case in all those animals where
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their training. There was no comparative anatomy embryology his
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trephined the patient using a one inch trephine at the point
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acter of the discharge however is a means of diagnosis available to the
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treatment for those wage earners who are making tinier lOs. per
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by the fact that bacilli of anthrax were now and then discovered
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of the skin in the elaboration of albuminoids are correct we have
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The 928 deaths referred to scarlet fever were equal to an annual
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seen to come from the uterus not merely clinging about the os
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duty of notification to the occurrence of such diseases for
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August 18th. Vocabulary is increasing used the word mother
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tory of hepatic abscess has been the suliject of much discussion
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the remarks of the Recorder that it is undesirable fcir litigants
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Oxford Station addressed to Mr. Strube 38 King s Road Reading.
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modation of the Members in commodious apartments at the
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I aris during the week ending January 4th included 89 which were
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other bites were mere scratches. Nevertheless as one never knows
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is of a malarial character and that its endemic prevalence is
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emptying the uterus pre.sented itself as the only alternative to
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ed and it is hoped that those attending the meetings will come prepared
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spirit of the University. They ought to be reminded of an event
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monia. An autopsy in this case revealed both recurrent laryngeal
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the progress of phthisis. Consumptives often bore fine healthy
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the Water Committee have riquested thtir engineer Mr. Katun i
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infancy 2 sporadic cretinism occurring in children without ony
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of the tissues 3 albuminuria which if allowed to continue for a
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solution of the same proteid and must be heated two or thrre
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The condition of the blood in these cases reminded me of a
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discussed this paper. Dr. Bowkeb read some notes oa a case of
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to Ids heailh duties which are necessary for their pro MT perlonnance
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body has said that some books are written ro practice and others or
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Many operations have been devised for the treatment of this
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not be removed a large quantity of fluid probably charged if not
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culous. At an early stage of the disease iodine gave good results.
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or attacks of cardiac pain to which young persons were liable
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formed. The Year Book has attached to it the Unofficial Formu