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In Yol. I Part 4 of the Archives already referred to
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in the glandular crypts of the bronchi and primary sarcoma as
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average number resident of 730. The total ordinary revenue was
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that a country hospital containing fifty beds can bo built ami
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due to vascular stasis caused by a weak and failing heart. This
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positories during the first week he was then allowed a little
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the President referred to the life and work of each of the Fellows
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Practice following the Armed Services is anticipated.
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Carlisle. Senior Surgeon to the Cumberland Infirmary.
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speculative inquiry and has discussed the claims of rival theories.
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may become as evident by his future actions os his supporters
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wealthy or maybe titled patient. The question of Consultation with
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The heart tumultuous and irregular during the violent convulsions of the
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is excellent and is that which we have always held ought to be
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tured his left humerus in pulling a yam stick ou of the ground.
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tions connected with the oi eration of the Act which are nf wide
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Lectures were delivered in various monotones and the lab was ruled
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curve tended to straighten under the influence of the body s
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will reduce the expression of pain in other branches
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whom they shall after due inquiry judge to be guilty of
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In an article under the above title Dr. Felix Semon and Mr
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In the case of Freeman v. Staples and another the plaintifl
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as they said that chloroform sometimes paralysed the heart and
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of this method of quick filtration is obvious instead of being
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may be remembered that Dr. Sinclair White in his report on
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