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from most of the higher intellectual paths open to the other sex.
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not only an inquiring pathologist but a curious student of old
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within the rural sanitary district of the Chippenham Union and the urban
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that fact alone amply justified the holding of the meeting.
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Duncan had brought the subject before the Society. Dr. Her
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The medical staff were of the opinion that the cases were quite
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Spaniard says He that sits with his back to a draught sits
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we were still unable to get any very marked evidence of shock.
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serous covering if this Imd been damaged by any antecedent
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noticing a few of those given above namely lithiasis and o. al
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marked on the left side indicating a possible fracture of the pos
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as much success as the Liondon colleges. The provincial
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were less marked and were not accompanied by great tension or active
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peared the patient could rise and walk without difficulty and was about
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again It is astonishing how general this disorder has been with more or
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of which was an injury received by the child some months pre
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the patient respecting a matter which we can determine with
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of the proposed investigation shall be sent in with as complete a
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travelling expenses the appointment to be determined by a six months notice
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such as decidual endometritis and puerperal endometritis but
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give the chloroform the pressure gradually sinks very slowly till
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terially increased the risk of septicaemia by the decomposition of these
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two of them however dying within a few days after the op
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artificial respiration and there are a number of tracings here
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blood for which the establishment of the pulmonary circula
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a central perforated axis which also forms the central aperture of
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and was taken ill at Colombo. He will be sallow partly from
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Gross s Surgery that this result is sure to follow excision of
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two aflfections ditiered. The Peesidext thought that most of the
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spores spirillum Eberth s bacillus etc. were checked in their
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a severe headache and at 11 a.m. took 5 grains of monobrom
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had e.xisted on board for seven months 118 cases had occurred and
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as to the preparation of the substance I made attempts to stain
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