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Leeds. This was seconded by Dr. Burton Liverpool and sup
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and assistance on similar terms from the teachers in university
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done by the Society in 1889 and looked forward with confidence
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Court of Queen s Bench. Then followed a wearisome series of
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internal incision followed by Holt s divulsor or by interrupted dilatation
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adjusting or fastening. The bearers have merely to lift the
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ment at the end of the year. Among the various sanitary areas
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ducted in such manner as Convocation may from time to time
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patient they also sufficiently confute the notion that there are
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In conclusion we are glad to welcome the book as one that
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recently acquired as an addition to Ilampstead Heath.
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The skin over these folds is rough with large papillas in many
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monia has up to the present been rarely observed. The epidemic
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held when it was resolved to continue the labours of the Society
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no difficulty in explaining the facts observed for the few liours
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ordinary symptoms of influenza. If stated thus his theory is