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ernment Printing office 1880. Report of the Pennsylvania Hospi
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means of telling whether the diagnosis was correct. All this
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perature with loss of excitability of peripheral nerves. The
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At a meetin of the Perthshire Branch held at Perth on
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not yet been accepted by the surgical world as a substitute
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eases of the kidney and heart. In three or four days it increases
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relaxation of the muscles in the upper dorsal region
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To illustrate the fact that when the air is hot it is not
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the commonest symptoms. The duration of the affection was
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The object of all treatment is to increase the resisting
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spasmodic and which though actually aggravated by electrolysis
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nation. Given during epileptic paroxysms it has in some cases produced
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fibrous tissue were seen radiating outwards from either border of
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during which time the patient suffered from a good deal of catarrh
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Id another tracing the effect is shown where chloroform is given
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the worst. He protrudes his tongue with a jerk and when kept
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