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ration though frequently to dyspnoea. The signs are not always

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could not discover any signs of fracture about the horizontal or

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a bedstead. At the upper third of the the left arm antoriorly

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Dr. Robert R. Rkn toul writes A considerable discusaion has

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have saved her. The facts however showed as the coroner ob

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mouth mirror enabling everj one by a simple arrangement of J

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height of his practice he never hesitated to put aside the living

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during parturition. The association of those migraine like attacks

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a want of acquaintance with medical terms entirely misrepresent the

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the body of the uterus is opened emptied and left whilst Dr.

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ance of instituting an inquiry into the condition of their school

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periods of the day and night and in dill erent states of the

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sides of the head with the two hands and drawing directly

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quently to make from forfy to I lfiy visits a day. The Christmas


found that statistically speaking vaccination could have had no

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December loth. Less facial paralysis stitches all removed

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copiousness and thoroughness. It treats very fully of all the

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uouseholders of moving the local authority by calling upon its

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enormous preponderance of females over meles in the persons

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cision about three inches long made in the middle line downwards

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strychnia occurring in commercial santonin but was not found chemical

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the attempt were made to instruct both together. The attempt to

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from IjjBmorrhage and from discharge in the intervals of haemor

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membrane was closed with six sutures. Tlie incision through the anterior

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othela the segmentation spheres fuse into a plasmodium. We think

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sistant Surgeon. His assignment to duty at cantonment on Uncompahgre

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temperature to have been Ss and Uieme an daily nSSum to h.

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descriptive anatomy as the connection of the short muscles

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The Duration of the Course. The Committee is of opinion that

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tion was a certain amount of thickening of the inter arytenoid commissure

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Myxofibroma of Pelvis. Card Specimen Mr. Bidwell Polypus

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good recovery. Dr. William Duncan believed that dur

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After the first twelve hours there was no vomiting for some

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Db. Robert R. Rentoul Liverpool writes 1 regret that the