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surely that its students should be compelled to seek in pro

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in default twenty one days hard labour. We are told that the

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sulphonal should be tried. Bromides it should never be for

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to be introduced into Parliament by ilr. Pease following in the

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peared so important that we would fain hope that they will

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TiTilson presiding the following oilicers for the ensuing year were

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Case XXIV. Juraz reports the following case. The patient during

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Note on the Simplest Means of Determining the True Rela

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midity of Mentone exceeds that of Jacksonville by 3 6 per

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empowered to establish the compulsory notification scheme IVJ

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neither the cold nor the hot stage was observed. He only

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to which it was adherent. Dr. Sidney Maetin showed in con

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of the tunica albuginea of the ovary. Dr. Reimann of Kieff in

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punc ur of an inllamed testicle or of a painful kicney it would

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The Mercers Company on December Jl th ordered the follow

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delirium and no eruption. In severe cases he has observed


the liver one and one half inches above the umbilicus.

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his water with increasing difficulty for some time. During erection the

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was unaltered and not sensitive. The epididymis was generally normal

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Sanders of Edinburgh taught that pleurisy was generally tuber

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was especially interested in Mi. McVail s paper because it went directly

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ble to treatment while the acute blood poisons such as those

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time or expenditure of energy on the part of the retina but

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used as human food. The.slightest disease in any cow should bo

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Having served as a clinical clerk for a period of twelve months

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subnormal when the blood was present. In December he com

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Cabb asked what was the pathological significance of the small

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had seen two cases in which an aneurysm of the abdominal artery

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cold months is 76 8 and in Jacksonville for the same period

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to inflict humiliation on a profession they would fain consider inferior to

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In the past man has invariably been the beneficiary of an era of

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blemishes which appear to be serious. It is perhaps needless to

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no phlebitis was discovered. The symptoms here were simply

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and in front of the orifice of the left ureter offered itself

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thelial cells crystals of uric acid and a few blood corpuscles together

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to diseases of the circulatory system numbered 275 whereas the

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the osteopath consists in its relation to the shoulder

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two wheeled litter as the stretcher must always remain

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and it is therefore seldom present in cerebral softening but

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them still closer together in a way very much resembling the

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which accompanies exertion and frequently the hours of sleep.

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he examined and found ocute retroflexion the treatment of which

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and the publishers in putting this book before their subscribers as

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Colleges not in or near London which may satisfy the

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only cases mentioned being two or three cases of bronchitis. Secondly

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the portal vein. The gall bladder could not be found though a

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portion absolutely btoched. Insertions of pectoralefl IsC rated

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mitted July 6th 1885. History of syphilis. Depression for five

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W. i. aged gt j a labourer applied for treatment on December

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has leave to England for ninety days on medical certificate.

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primary lesion of a viscus irritating its afferent nerves.

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totle and hence this country was recommended by them as a

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before the blood. The above statements are very worthy of

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tnitlng the Temperature and Urine In this Disease Dr.Amand

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sutured but not the longitudinal incision. Next the cavity is

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follows Secure a thorough drainage of the catarrhal

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other words scarlet fever mortality in London last quarter was