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this plug is not forced out and the lluid may remain undetected.

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left retina. Enumeration of the red blood globules on May Gth showed

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that the subject of phthisis in relation to pregnancy lay on the

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cured accompanied this time with high fever lasting a week. Syphilis

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they may also be classed as morbid phenomena each of which

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formulation and evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of glipizide

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tuberculous deposits on the head of the tibia which were

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as skilfully as possible in St. Ceorge a Uospital but bis sufferings

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ancestral organ. The tongue and testis may be described as organs

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hydrates. Throughout the whole of the chapter on glycogenesis

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relation of psychical phenomena with the occurrences in the cere

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paralysis of the abductor muscles is not alone sufficient to pro

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of Madrid T. Martinez y Mufioz Subinspector of Military Sanita

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Marked variations in pressure upon any portion of a

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reports that there are no acute cases now and relapses are in

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much may be attained by civic sanitation and personal

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bent nearly to a right angle a short distance from the button

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nally had any effect whatever in arresting the disease. Drs.

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From this date patient made steady progress gaining in

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Jones but as they are merely the views of an individual they

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being noticeable or is it some other form of disease hitherto un

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may become as evident by his future actions os his supporters

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sheet I tind In had pleurisy in 1S81 remittent fever in the East

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of fact either posture frequently leads to the desired result

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able minute points of suppuration. There was ulceration through

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solutely refuse to authorise the works for which it lt sanction is

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well OS the anterior surface and to thoroughly explore

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find that notwithstanding the fact that Teheran escaped the re

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interior of the liver the spleen of the kidney urine drawn through

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Medical Officer for the Bast District Bingham Union vice G. H. Monk

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and the number of patients who presented themselve.o the subject

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disease depends upon general and not local conditions. In its

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he makes the objection that they were either not carefully enough ob

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tients were still alive after 1 to 21 months of follow up.

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dress and hygiene failed to regulate their action. Peptics iron and aro

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Lloyd Roberts Manchester Mr. William Alexander and Dr. Macfie

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enumeration of the regions of the abdomen p.. ttiS the description

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common than was often supposed many cases ilia nosed as such

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tumor. The mucous membrane covering it was then incised and the

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deviation from the perpendicular the patient sitting

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generei duty in the Bombiy district is transferred to general duty in the

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manometer does not and so it gives a true pulse trace. We had

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weeks before the latter but this was most probably subsequent

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return. The rigors persisted generally as in the last cose twice

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quired by leaving a gum elastic catheter in tbe urethra for some time.

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plained of great weakness and lassitude. On January 15th after

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this is followed by an elementary description of the body its bony

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