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II. The Physiological Examination. To discourse upon two

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produced important memoirs strongly impressed with the character of

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this apology an attempt was made to throw discredit upon

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chester on January.31st. The reports of the committee and

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New Orleans while that city was yet under Spanish rule.

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little thickening of the pericranial tissues there. The patellar

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the lens bearing discs would have to be placed excentrioally as

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which would doubtless be solved as such usually are. in common speech by

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ringworm and by Dr. Patrick ilanson under the name of tinea imbricata.

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cover the whole surface. On his face the erythema is diffuse and

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Sir William Gull inspired those who came into close

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sisted was no narrow specialism. We have to dissect

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by cold and thus their frequent association is easily accounted

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at the middle or inferior cervical ganglion at which

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general ill health. The pain had sudflenly set in six weeks pre

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most successful departments of the institution. Lord. berdaTe

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Scaues Spicer On Nasal Obstruction and Mouth Breathing as

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woman aged 26 who had suffered from painful menstruation for

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dilatation. The scalp being shaved and thoroughly disinfected 1

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Joseph Fayrer s suggestion 1 first punctured the liver just below

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believes that the source of the sulphur in the lead sulphide which

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no acaqiy mancmc ro amp W one j asked nor surest any such

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scientific anatomy. We will only express in conclusion the hope

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what we consider to be blemishes it will be seen that they are

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of weakness or a break. His trained fingers carefully

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should empty the uterus artificially if after removing a tampon that has

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according to the probabilities of discharge in each particular

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impart to the milk to the same extent the peculiar boiled flavcur.

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tive and reliable data and by years of experience observation

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days after the operation but we found in this case that there was

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by the writer as less common than is generally supposed. In his own

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blood within the substance will overcome the stasis of

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as though manufacturers do not care to put themselves to great

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found to be the case in a fish known as the blackfish where

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allows that it is extremely difficult to identify the typhoid bacil

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bridge. He has published a number of valuable aitick s upon the

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Mketixgs of the Council will be held on April 16th July IGth

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service iu relieving aural pain. He supported Dr. Hill in his

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I began attending the operations at the Edinburgh Royal Infirm

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strated the far greater frequency of stenosis over regurgitation

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generally as his addresses papers and private conversation fully

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nounctd history of syphilis. The adhesion had been easily dealt

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pian tubes. The recently acquired knowledge as to the greater

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because they are peripheral and at a disadvantage as regards the

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was flrit in the field with the former instrument which was apparently

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tact and after removal the original pain remarkably subsided.

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of the cord to the anterior horns accompanied by exudation of

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or the other an assertion into which the equation of tlie observer

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nearly every district in Essex. The epidemic prevails also at

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a gratifying task. There is no fact of anatomy which

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tion just above and median to the posterior superior

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tions less painful. The antithermic action of these inji otions is