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covery. Case n. Second pregnancy premonitory symptoms three

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certain conditions and regulations to the statutory pLins and ad

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a patient presents himself and albumen is found in his urine il is

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toms demanded Its speedy removal other means failing he would anaes

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larity. His pulse was 120 regular and of good volume. The

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only a few patients have presented themselves for treatment at

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will find no further direction as to the means whereby he can

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be used as food. The sheriff had not the slightest hesitation in

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On cutting into the brain the left hemisphere was found to be

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enough that the osteopathic physician be able to fore

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ordinary reach. Again at page 206 Do members of the medical

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afternoon severe headache returned with much weakness and

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laryngeal phthisl.. lie attributes these afft ctions to the inflam

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titli of Burgeon general shows the appointmi nt in UPStion to be

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of the Christian Medical Society of which he served as president

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ances in the metabolism of the part and metabolism is

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heat from the sun are longer concentrated on the earth s sur

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charitable relief but there is little room to hope that the city

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The case recorded was suspected to be tubercular there being

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drawn chiefly from the surrounding towns. Dr. Sinclair Oxford

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from plain s Dictionary of Medicine without mentioning the

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removed from a man who had been admitted suffering from a

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weeks afterwards there occurred rheumotic pains first in the left

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nearly half of the entire number. There were 24 deaths from

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send to the Colleges its remarks on the statement and representa

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most important factors in the present state of medical charities

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between strictures in ditferent parts of the urethra. In tlie discus

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ceasing after morphine seven fits in all temperature rising

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discoverer. Other investigations were on combined affections of

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information is given to the nurse especially with regard to disin

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There are forms of endometritis associated with pregnancy

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origin a region which also gives origin to efferent

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pointed out that there were thirteen voluntary hospitals in Bir

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high temperature 102 to 104. in some rheumatic pains

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Within the last year or two there has been frequent reference

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ments of great biological interest. They have reared larval germs

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The middle of the fissure of Rolando had been accurately cut into

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appointments at the hospitals and kept them as long as they

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result in leaving in the blood substances whose effects

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tory can scarcely be mistaken by the educated and thoughtful

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tance from a clinical standpoint for the prognosis and treatment in the

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chief difficulties in securing such isolation C. Under what circumstances

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officers and sanitary inspectors as to epidemics etc. and generally to advise

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of phthisis to which she was already subject increased during

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framed by the President of the Board of Agriculture. These

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pain across the abdomen below the umbilicus. She had hod a

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Cerebellar Lesion. Jlr. Marsh exhibited the patient shown at

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