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difficulty and danger than an attempt to remove the tumor per vaginam.
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botli of which are more abundant at tlie posterior parts of the
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Baynaud s disease ilr. Jonathan Hutchinson points out in the
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much admire the bold way Dr. Wallian speaks out against those
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Now suppose that an eye has been in a bright light for
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long continued excitation of the laryngeal area true epilepsy of
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One often hears or used to hear of the excellenceof the clinical
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some time I will not pretend to say. The result was however
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the current decade ISSl to 1S90 the mean annual death rate did
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ether I would elevate the patient s pelvis apply cold even
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Strophanthin the active principle of the seeds of strophanthus
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the intensity of the invasion and to render the exudation less viscid and
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from intrauterine fetal life through their usually stormy
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should hesitate to endorse such an operation as justifiable. In
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ministers have set is one which is worthy of imitation by our own
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Ireland which had originally granted it. They withdrew it
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Dr.RentouVs Proposals. The report of the committee appointed
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amount of exercise is a sine qua non to the successful treat
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pain often runs in the course of the great sciatic or anterior
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which cause many more deaths than cholera does has been the
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Florida possesses a much more agreeable and salubrious cli
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so urgent that tracheotomy was done immediately. The patient died two
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In 18Y0 the service was systematized under the direction
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flanks. There was no increased resistance to pressure anywhere.
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evil which it is to be regretted has been permitted for so long
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operation within the urethra. These objections as is well known have
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W.S. late Crown Agent for Scotland embodying legislation for
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action of the abductor muscles seemed to be completely abolished and as
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sible in this country to check the abuse of dispensary relief and
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practically inoperative. This was brought out still more
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description of infective granulomata and other specific diseases is
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been practised. Another case I know is well three and a half
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aminations unless he is one of the holders of scholarships who have
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mucus be present I regard as a point that should make us give
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There is little doubt that Aberdeen has now been isited by
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the United States to the countries from which they last sailed
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the present day that the diseases known as myxoedema cretin
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