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sense reprobated recently by Professor Huxley in his re

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Registrar. Her sincere and considerate nature and calm efficiency belie the

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high arterial tension us during an attack of headache when it

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margin of the ribs a little abovj the most prominent part of the

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for their completion had expired. The evidenci giv gt n in the casc

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the pulse had certainly given the first sign of danger. He had

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rent which act upon the vascular walls. These irritating substances are

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views and resolution and the latter was carried unanimously.

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simple deep injections. He thought gonorrhoea resembled an acute cory

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bismus hook imder tlie tendon and carefully wipes away any blood that

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will render them useful as a local application in affections of that

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character of the subsequent symptoms be modified by early anti syphilitic

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colouring nothing will hide from reasoning people the real

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men much swollen. He recovered however from the effects of

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mained unnotified the sanitary authorities being consequently

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predisposing causes of disease the most important are

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relapses into a quiet state with some mobility. The author has a strong

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The trustees of the Lyon Jones Fund have assigned 1 000 to

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chance show clearly enough that comparatively little care ha.

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Herculean acrobat whose underfed body died from phthisis a few

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Polypi Hypertrophies and Papillomata and remarked upon

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we till take the chapter on Diseases of the Respiratory System

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membrane lining the larynx was in a state of chronic catarrhal inflam

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communication says in reference to his own work on the eub

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of West Ham as designed by the borough engineer Mr. Lewis

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commencement. He lived and was brought up in a healthy part

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rendered unconscious for one day and ut the present time the

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employments and are reported by the French surgeons as

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and the otliers were from causes having their origin in the

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But we believe in the homely adage every tub should stand

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French. The subscription to the Congress is 1 or 20 marks.

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Kocordlngly. The guardians refuse payment. n the ground that ihe order

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of the jaw from which wh. n it was punctured pus and arterial

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only a few patients have presented themselves for treatment at

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condition by curving the lumbar spine then pressing

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first some small pretence was made of requiring some sort of

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well. Tlie literature of all cnuniries has been car. fully examined

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wards. A few days after the first operation a fresh pointing took

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tice of one doctor handing over his cases to another when going

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tuted improperly it is seldom worth while to bring an

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spine. Tenderness here is indicative of a slip of the

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together with their records inasmuch as he was acting as clinical as

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scarlet blood rushing out in jets or jerks and then at pngeG the

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time as though there would be no candidate for this appointment

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months ending December la t Tl.i tJ births were registered in

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The disease ie generally wor e in cold weather. This is the disease

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James Berry Thirty three Specimens Illustrating Diseases of

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ner of 1953 when she first noticed gradually increasing

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The attack produces a good deal of anremia and nervous depres

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made its appearance and the patient was noticed to be very sallow.

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term. She wos greatly distressed by dyspnoea and cardiac dis

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upon these conditions no doubt helped them in making suc

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possibly because the facta were not such as in the opinion of

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established in the which both kidneys will produce a similar

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enlarge the credit of Kngland to gt and her recoveries to 8. This

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inches on anything hard will probably break them. I always try to

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tor derangements b ligation of diseased vessels svm

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located in different levels of the cerebro spinal axis.

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tolifit your.upport when 1 he niBtttr comes belore tlie Wilts sanitary autl

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dilatation. The scalp being shaved and thoroughly disinfected 1

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with ligature of an artery and to show his knowledge of the

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saying whether a child should be examined or exempted. Mr.

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with the action of nearly all other pain subduing agents and from

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statement that syphilitic eruptions do not cause itching.

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to a form of congestive albuminuria in which the patient com

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lying below the hollow of the prostate. No forceps being within

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of the abductor muscles. The nerves were healthy. The brain was not