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secondary to some other affection of the heart or lungs or else to
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similar case. Dr. Champneys also failed to see any reason for
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when freely handled it does not dust materially. Thus we have
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leucocytes derived from the blood. The section on malformations
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He stayed in bed lot days and wore his jacket for three months
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imaginary object. He began to see some imaginary persons but
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provide full accommodation for all their lunatics and tlie asylum
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necessary hitherto to observe may be extended and that it may be judged
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errors. In spite of the conflicting evidence from India Dr.
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his admission into the hospital intense pain began in the left
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would be advantageous to authors and readers alike if the func
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crimination of disease which distinguishes some practitioners
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new treatment would materially check or alter the progress of the
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logically as characteristic as Wallace s line is justitied zoologically.
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