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Incision of the sphincter to facilitate difficult reduction
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treated with curare. Large doses were given before a calmative effect was
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it was rumored that one student somehow managed to witness one of
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then rendered aseptic and reintroduced so as to form a con
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weight of administrative responsibility which she so capably bears.
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the University of Pennsylvania and majored in Parasitology at the
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on the side which was least pervious. Dr. Delayan thought that
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H. Cajitain and Assistant Surgeon. Assigned to duty as Post Surgeon at
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cases of closun of the jaws from spasm or other cause it gives
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pushed up to this enormous height by the gigantic hydatid cyst.
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case with egg albumen. This of course in itself renders it highly
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and dulness over the right chest there was no difficulty in dia
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lent chapter which is followed by a very good account of ex
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inate veins the common carotid on the left and a divis
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and from vbich he draws the following conclusions 1. Simultaneous
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the muscles of the feet respond actively to both currents.
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alwaj s seized on the most salient point of the case.
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were swollen and tender. When eight months old it began to
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frequent occurrence of cases resembling diphtheria a deposit of
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than the second or third day.. strip of moist protective is
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etc. of the development and structure of the human brain and its
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and syphilis in the same patient Mr. James Cantlie writes on
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convenience and loss of time to lay information and to attend
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governors present to leave well alone and to give the Committee
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which originating at the exterior of the axial stream flow outward and
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Ernest Hart for services rendered to the Section of Sanitary
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taken internally by man. My friend Mr. Blackman and 1 had
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more than formerly and many others in proportion still in South
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Purulent Choroiditis occurring Months afrcr a Successful
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valuable of them were offered in the form of written com
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University. The scheme is now formally before Convocation. The
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tem of attendance on members of friendly societies is unsatisfac
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of resuscitation is described. Under that of foreign bodies in the
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water capable of dissolving lead may be due not to sulphiu ic acid
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August 28th. Ten days before his admission he began to suflfer from
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Ted first doctor produced by Garland Pennsylvania population
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failed to find any. 1 then opened up the mastoid cells but there
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croscope it has often been mistaken for a true parasite. It