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subcutaneous carliollc acid injections have a very beneficial action.
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caused by a microbe yet unknown. 2. It is often epidemic in
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and Physician to St. Bartholomew s Hospital Sir William Mac
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viduals forgetting the homely proverb regarding counting
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presented to the Society for the Studv of Inebriety on Tuesday
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cases this has occurred secondary to endocarditis not infrequently
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and weigh well the situation before going forward. There is not
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very decided stimulation of the function of nutrition. It augments
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He concludes with tlio following observations on treatment
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referred to above came under treatment. Stated that on Novem
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that like all other epidemic diseases influenza is caused by some
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De. N erzynskt in the Russian Journal of Ol ttetricn and Gynre
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flammation must surely be of this kind. Between tliese cases of fever
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f Hamilton of Dublin relates the following graphic case About a month
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gastrium striking through to the back but no tenderness in the
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is the only special treatment he has been having and he has taken
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Of known amfsthetics nitrous o.xide is the one that fulhls
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is certainly less likely to be present in women than in men and
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disease depressing its vitality. There is however no history of
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lung the latter of whom congratulated his hearers on the fact
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the author is inclined to question whether the operative interference did
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more accurate diagnosis. He showed in parallel columns tli gt
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number of less serious cases apparently of similar nature is large.
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presence of the tumor which can be readily replaced al
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sensation during life and distinct evidence of slight inflammatory
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and prior to describing tlie diseases to which any organ or.system
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tion. The Secretary of War has however removed the difficulty
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ing not only in themselves but as affording a signal answer to
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tions. The work is valuable as the clinical record of a physician
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the population and there are several fatal cases. The poison is
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from intrauterine fetal life through their usually stormy
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