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The Duration of the Course. The Committee is of opinion that
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lysis this I think is a most important omission. Nothing is
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onus of objecting to the admission of improper members is con
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Dianjfor 1800 of the.Unitary Record and the London Medical
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rative is at present under my observation and has been so for
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sician s aim should be to combat the specific poison by provoking
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ing himself open to them. As a physician it is hardly
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mation of the disease. Among these cases may be noticed
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peared on the left side of the neck immediately behind the verti
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This increase of local fluid is an irritant to the nerve
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through the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone.f Vas
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apparently identical in all respects with the one previously used.
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nerve from the spinal canal. Inhibition is likewise
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that we sympathise with our Belgian confrere and hope that his
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and partly in the cells of a special gland formation which are
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observation for several months on account of Diffused Haemor
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each only one eye wa.s really colour Mind the vision of the fellow
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longitudinal and vertical stripes or at isolated points so as
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horse s head is certainly not drawn down as Dr. Napier contends.
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there was any connection between the spleen and the thyroid
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volume. Many readers will therefore look forwards willi
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One of our daily papers has lately published the results of in
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a disagreeable feeling described as giddiness lightheadednes s or
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resemblance in many cases that many experienced dermatologists
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the tracing was so long that it was impossible to reproduce the
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filled with fine shavings on to which can be poured a few drops
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therefore that physiolngistg nnd physicians Imve anxiously
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Jervis Street. She conversed with the patients making each a
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different specimens I have convinced myself that this substance
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marasmus the accounts given pointing to leprosy of the viscera
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the blood serum of advanced Bright s disease bear only a very
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treated by M. Pasteur. One died of hydrophobia within ten days of
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Nieden enters into no hypothesis it is reasonable to suppose that
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ploying it. It remained there less than three minutes when I again quietly
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inner towards the outer surface. More normal saline also is
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tissu. lt but it moved en tiloc and had lost all supjileness. The
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cellent ofBeial courteous fair and firm in the carrying out of
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Suckling considered that his patient was suffering from the last
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it is rather disagreeable than pleasant and combined with a
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infectious diseases which were produced by the penetration
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the placenta showed hfemorrhages into its substance. The
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Jones I have carefully analyzed the climate of Florida but
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such as Dr. Routh had described until they became inflamed.
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Tnr.9 far the outbreak of influenza in Dublin has not been of a
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The list ot decorations and other marks of distinction conferred
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only gives rise to a civil action for damages. The present case if
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acute diseases are occasionally followed by amenorrho a menor
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doctors of such a service who accordingly treats him. For so far
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the whole of the ordinary medical and surgical cases treated was
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surgery would hardly have been vindicated. It is true that the
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In order to obviate this difficulty I thought it would be advis
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drainage. The ninth nerve is reached as it leaves the
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footpath or whoever affixes to or inscribes in any pubhc
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interests from the graduates in medicine will prevail And their
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