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certain how far we were working above the diaphragm and how
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admission. The temperature rose on the third day to 37.9 C but
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scarlet fever was recordeil in Salford Blackburn Liverpool Bolton
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The sigmoid flexure becomes full and the pressure of the
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observers agree as to the exact temperature at which opalescence
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Dr. J. Lewis SmithV monograph on Diphtheria extends to nearly
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weight of the dog a choreic stage is developed. When the whole amount
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lie had collected records of twenty three cases in eleven of which
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the oppressed junior class. However the seniors were expected to
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previous year. The average number of patients daily resident
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quorum of legally qualified governors could be procured owing to
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of January 4th. The article in question was characteristic of the
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First. Patient sits erect operator standing behind.
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success as a clinical physician. For many years his
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the varicella vesicles with an offensive purulent discharge and
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last among the forty one sanitary districts were 12 4 in Kensing
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and deep seated membrane covered with uveal pigment which
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temperature fell and continued apparently in the neighbourhood
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Member of the Examining and Operating Staff of the S. S. Still
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unequal dilatation of the pupils etc. the idea of central nervous lesions
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among the matter added to it in this edition are chapters on metric
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from the deeper parts continu d for some time but this is not
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form by making the animal inhale pure carbonic acid. One
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He was an excellent officer and highly esteemed. He married a
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graft on afresh. He thought abdominal gestation always arose
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that no instruments were used. Ever since birth he has been
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less. The authority that the work might otherwise have is
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November 1.3th. Severe headache face Hushed anorexia
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wall while the brachial plexus of nerves may be very
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certainty will never be safely undertaken by anybody who is not
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day February 10th the chairman stated that the trustees had
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The uterus must be reduced to contract the vessels Antiseptic
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and that bon mot in which a doctor was compared to a priest
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external and internal were tried with only temporary benefit.
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rence whereas thoseadmilted into special hospitals bad already been
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entirely within the province of the Union and that indeed the
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tracts in the lateral columns of both halves of the spinal cord as
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cribed to the acetic acid to the lead or to both combined in
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The liver was considerably enlarged downwanis and percussion
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hejatic enlargements. Abdominal muscles frequently painful
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muscles fi om the stretching which they have undergone fur
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opening of the vesicle on the eighth day before which date in
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but he thought that the real ultimate cause in these cases was a
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enter for the tirst examination for the licence of the College with
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Another theory which seems much more in accord theory.
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worthy than any that has taken place so far as we know at
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spasmodic contraction of one of these or a collection
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the axillary artery. The long head of the biceps lies
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Invalidings is much lower than that recorded for any year sub
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communication in which he expresses the opinion that the disease
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finally some remarks on condition of pelvic organs. There was
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Acting Surgeon G. R. Green 1st Volunteer Battalion West Yorkshire Regi