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jejunum would give a large amount of relief. Such a communi

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other crops of albumen. We were struck however by the iuct

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December 30tli. Wound healed except for a small sinus at upper

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Geological Society. There will be a museum open during the meeting to

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symptoms with retention of bile owing to obstruction in the

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servfd a similar condition. In the other paper Dr. Brooks pointed

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five years she had had three healthy children the youngest being now

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slitting of the prepuce on its dorsal aspect. The term circumcision he

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quently single cases have occurred. Several severe cases have been admitted

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a disinfectant the urine should be examined for the dark colora

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cases a The vitellin solution became opalescent when heated

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not such expressions as Bromide of potassium is by far the most

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the disease symptoms due to disturbances of the sympathetic and general

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gether with inflation by the Kustachian lulie and auli eptic

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action through the inferior and middle cervical gan

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cessful..VUowing for fallacies in estimating therapeutic effects

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and restfulness for body and mind. The Mediterranean stations

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remedy is much more efficient if given in corresponding dose during

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hereafter pass the examination which will require the attainment

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gan about six centimetres above the anus was continuous on

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stance lying inferior to the fossa vesicalic at the margin

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asked to see the slaughterhouse was by telegram to London where

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being apparently the great factor in shortening life.

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were very deceptive. He mentioned a case of Dr. Chauncey Field s in

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it is quite true that had Dr. Tatham accepted the retainer of the

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those with the sense of the ridiculous the grave treatment of

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proportion or is not. It would be Tery advantageous if it could

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prehensive truth is catholic and many sided. Our chances of inter

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Office not Later than Midday Post on Wednesday. Telegrajus can

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bably had gouty antecedents. In such cases the urine was of

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is often a slight lateral curvature in the dorsal region

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Invention ok the Micboscope. The third centenary of the

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only temporary present for a while and then cease altogetheE.

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point in determining the length of the limb or nature

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had broken on December Ord and that the pains had left till now.

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diSiculty hitherto encountered in the production of an artificially digested

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the large mass of London graduates are unmistakably opposed to

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excellent instrument for the purpose intended. It consists of a

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The following Bills were introduced on Wednesday and read a

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Necrnpny Kiyhtem Hours after DeaM. Body gt xtremely emaci

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anatomy physiology physics chemistry botanj zoology and

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large and who prefers to take his instructions e.v cathedra will

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blue but the reason why tliey regard yellow as brighter than

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length so as to overcome stasis in their blood supply.

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peculiarities of each particular feature and anatomical region

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The muscles of the space are the trapezius covering

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jects of the paper were 1 to elicit more accurate information ns

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this amount if much is taken from the system by per

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centre.s or a double lobyrinthine inflammation has occurred.

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deeper one with sponge pressure. The forceps were removed at

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a tumour due to the protrusion of a pouch of dura mater through

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drachms of iodoform emulsion were then poured into both wounds

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in this or any other form of the disease were unreliable and indeed

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bral hypercemia. Pressure of tumors either of the neck or of

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success as a clinical physician. For many years his

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seen galloping through Fairmount Park on horseback that is

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was no loss of consciousness. Up to this time he had been bright

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intensified. Water is mostly the carrier only of enteric germs

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disulphones and fourteen of these have now been examined.

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