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gall cyst or directly from the liver into the digestive
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onal portion of the placenta uniting with the uterine
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sign of a lesion may refer to the organ affected or to
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case and also to throw new and important light on the causation
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believing that in so doing they might assist in calling attention to
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growth was not intra but extracranial. The patient was
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Knox Blackall whose portrait painted by Sir J. Reynolds is in the Board
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the peculiarities of his own method of carrying out the operation
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this cause. The author repoits one case very carefully and minutely
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view of investigating the central motor innervation of the
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diagnosis of lesion in case of loss of muscular power.
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the pelvis of the right kidney 5 into the lung 6 into the
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Polypoid growths are more commonly though not exclusively
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fronts of the forearms. The skin was not thickened and there
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special reference to tlie following points 1. When were the.
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notice of great wasting probably due to functional disease of the
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have generally used it without the addition of any flavouring agent.
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apart from their febrifuge action. Sir Dyce Duckwoeth was
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case is not nearly so strong seeing that the sources whence
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position of feeble and dull brained children from the point of view
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in which elements of qualiHcati in such as these exist. I think
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nial dinner of tlie Koyal Medical Benevolent College on April 17th
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rigid OS. In all cases an endeavour should be made to return the
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proposing to erect a memorial to Father Damien his notion was
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minary communication assert to be the chief results of their
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disposing causes were habitual constipation and over stretcbing
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the cause of the influenza 2 or the influenza was produced by
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agony ot a descending calculus may also be caused by a stone
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of cervical vertebras cannot be relied upon for diagnosis
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First. Patient sits erect operator standing behind.
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tenderness will be superficial. But if the matter should be at
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year. The deaths of males aged between twenty and forty years
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these operations this is a somewhat disappointing omission
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ears the nearer shall we approach to the perfection of diag
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recognising more fully the true status of a chemist. He however
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into the outer angle of the arytenoid. By their contraction
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example if you give stryclinine you may get spasms of the