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suburb of Vienna is a small hospital and contains only 110 beds
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wakes up with a loud snore. This condition is altogether diffe
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In scurvy the dirty ashy hue of the skin and its characteristic
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duced by Professor Calderwood LL.D. He argued that the
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of signing a medical certificate that a person was of unsound
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patients often saying that they felt as if they had been beaten
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Society and he was also a member of the Glasgow Philosophical
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Carlisle. Senior Surgeon to the Cumberland Infirmary.
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mented some observations made by Mr. Horsley and himself on
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AKD Faculty of Physicians and Sitigeoss Glasgow. The
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the book is Mr. Loch s Introduction which may be described as
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to men who had EnglLsh and Scotch qualifications whereas
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The changes produced in food by digestion are in their ultimate results
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The tongue illustrates this in a striking manner. If a line be
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microscope from the blood after incision. None were found in
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The costo coracoid membrane covers the space Costo. coracoid
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July 1958 at the Albert Einstein Medical Center combining both the Northern
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up and a drainage tube left in the gall bladder. The temperature
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