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show cause why they should not be struck off the list of Members

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sacs were feU but the finger could feel no more stone. A small

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England. There is no doubt that a large number of hospitals stili

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and of thickening and stiffening of llie affected bowels the limited

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marked character. Hardly an instance so seldom as to

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may be addressed to me as below leaving the postage unpaid I

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ment or miscarriage occurring in a house where scarlet fever has

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following namely weak ligaments unusually large and wide

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different however from that aimed at ourselves. We do not

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tumor. The mucous membrane covering it was then incised and the

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This means that the relation of function to structure needs closer

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Walter Smith. The Commission has also fi.xed as a quorum for

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microscopic examination. Mr. Morgan afterwards operated by

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specific gravity whilst that in the others remained unchanged.

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ErEBY practitioner knows how frequently patients and their friends owing to

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entirely free from peritoneal covering but behind it adherent to

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the air vesicles become caseous. The third is the stage in which the

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way I use chloroform ether creasote pinol and many other

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scopic anatomy of the blood that it is superfluous to add tlial he

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pian tubes. The recently acquired knowledge as to the greater

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going notes as sodium silicofluoride seems to have been somewhat

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be withdrawn and examined indeed some pieces of tissue large

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of cedema together with the very trilling amount of painorincon

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deep layers of the endothelial stratum. In other regions more

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purulent fluid. A ponioa of the cyct wall was excised and free

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the intercostal muscles and removes irritation to the

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reported very briefly and no details of the plan of treatment are

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the growth was malignant. There were no trophic changes in

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complete exfoliation of the mucous membrane and integument leaving a

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Leith aud. i 4U Irom the country. The percentage of deaths to

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undero o a chauo e from a yellowish red to a brownish red

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qualities of his character and regret the early termination of his

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the usual fatty degeneration and the resulting caseous matter

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was slight icterus and the patient complained of painful cramps

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heads of three distinguished officers. Deputy Surgeons General

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analogous although not falling under the head of sahle intestinal.

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complained of we used salicylate of soda in 10 grain doses we

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activity of the renal epithelium if the eliminative activity may be

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temporal region was found and evidently extended downwards

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with which this can be accomplished may on the whole be re

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ber 7th namely whether puerperal women are really as specially


authorities in this direction. The expenses entailed by the recent

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ground for assuming that both are due to the same cause aud

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have been treated of at greater length. This disease and its sequelae

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may assume it is well to consider the primary changes

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small bacilli in leprous tubercles and in satisfying himself that the

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tongue is thrust between the teeth and caught by the violent

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in great quantity and variety give them this power. These gain

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Occasionally the gland substance contains hair. Thus the cystic

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serve as an evidence of a lesion and reasoning from

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preparation in such quantities as may be directed by him. The

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are the positive c mprlrative and superlative of the convulsive

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south eastern Asia. In the Celebes and the Mollucas the pre

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in civil employ was the officer selected and promoted over the

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Ptwr law medical officer he being informed by the relieving officer that lie

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correspondent s interesting communication may serve to call the attention

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ing ganglion but may pass to ganglia at either higher

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of the jjhysician than the relief or removal of i ain. This success

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especially the outer with a corresponding thickening ot the

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brought forward another cose of eye disease after influenza. Thn

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Two discs each bearing thirteen spherical lense.s giving a range

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h m. r f y i. Publicity and thereby practice through

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The muscles of the mouth are also affected interfering with his

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the passage of the normal albumin of the serum as well as the

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ending last Saturday 715 were referred to bronchitis these were

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cerebrovascular accident. She never had had freedom

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the effects of transplantation of the gland into the peritoneal

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products of digestion more than usually unfitted for the nutrition

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from without. In other words lesions as the term is

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aulphonal after parturition on the mother or child and 1 there

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on a Sunday night. Her son on being informed of the illness of