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cases were undeserving of the gratuitous relief they sought. A
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being produced in a few minutes. In the seven others no re
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not all of course be stated so briefly and where distressing
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shrill inspiratory sound the attack then sudilenly ending with
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recurring in some new and subtle form of which Locke s tabula
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the City Police Court recently one of the persons charged stated
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and it is for this reason that 1 have ventured to appeal through
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the muscle after long repnse was exaggerated and a condition of
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direction of easier filtration. It was therefore necessary to
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principal diseases likely to be met with in practice. When we
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logical disturbances the common feature of which is the reacticn
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this complication was higher in the present than in former epi
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His Royal Highness had said about the segregation of lepers that
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lield as an experienced medical officer of health and one well
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left side while the skin of the hand is markedly smooth and
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beth sanitary area. This was the only death from small pox in
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University of Lund anil I rofessor Elias lleymann of the Carolina
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operation. Perhaps in Mr. Browne s case the sacculus continued to
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A ninety sixth of a grain of atropia was administered hypodermically
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dilate the vessels of the head and face will retard
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interest to determine how far other similar compounds act in
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in 188t he was considered cured and discontinued the oils. From
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contracted after the operation. So far as cutting the flaps is
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temporary absence of Passed Assistant Surgeon Fisher. September 17
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Besides the principal types of the affection there ore some of
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versity can make application to any Town Clerk for articles
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pointed out that there were thirteen voluntary hospitals in Bir
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had suffered from a chronic suppurative discharge from the
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The judgment of his Honour Judge Chalmers is both interesting
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stations and 1 append as interesting in this n gard the following
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This is the history of two attacks of abdominal trouble oc
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minutes. Post morti m appearances as follows Stomach much
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ous action as regards the life of the tissues consistent with suf
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results of treatment in neuralgia are at times very brilliant and Dr.
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tention on behalf of the plaintiff being that a medical man
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to attempt to determine what may be termed the specific coaj u
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asked that question. He thought most of them would say
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relieved and the patient was now quite well. Dr. Peter Hor
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Here the liver lies in direct contact with the abdominal
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should be carefully opened and sounded. I will recur to the
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variations produce an altered condition of the bloCKl vessels and
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the number of washers 47 583. The number of persons using the
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by the proportion of deaths of children under 1 year of age to
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of the prevailing epidemic. Several such cases presenting the
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The arteries supplying it are the superior thyroid from
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morninir and evenintr. in the same graphic form and otliers for stools and
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