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patient gained weight during the treatment and considered himself well
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want is to use chloroform for its therapeutic and not for its toxic
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tered except a solution of bromide of sodium in infusion of digitalis the
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tions as well as against that of perchloride of iron.
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will be sufficient to show what can be done. I intend going to
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meshes of the submucous tissue of the gut forcing out the mucous membrane.
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for medical graduation some of the members stating that the new
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hospitals and also of those a yearly increasing number who
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by the Privy Cou7Jcil to local authorities in 1886 to apply the
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affection is constitutional which is the case according to the writer who
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showed the signs of general peritonitis the intestines liver and uterus
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The funeral will take place on Monday next at Thorpe
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conscious and did not complain of any pain. The temperature
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Pesth Dr. S. Rona related a case of inflammation of Cowper s
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rib. Pressure at these two points at the same instant
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meilical officer of high rank Professor E. von Kade of St. Peters
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but oftener rough breathing. This condition was consequent on
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modation thus at the disposal of the directors it is intended to
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strychnife in mistake for castor oil by the servant who mistook
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comply and to add the deductions which they think may be legi