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There is still ample evidence that the epidemic of influenza has

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mouth the operation might be undertaken within a few days of

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been described some covering the greater part of the body. Dr.

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inllamma.ion in the parts where the portal vein originates but it

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desert Cannes Nice Monte Carlo Mentone and San Remo for

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anatomy and yet as Professor Cin ninqh m says the importance

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points all of them of much importance in the treatment of renal

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Health of Kensington. The death rate of Kensington during

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to consider the question and determine the best means of apply

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this case. One of the ablest medical olliotrs of health in England

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linism. On July 30th the patient was phiced upon an insulating stool

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fatality of diseases of the respiratory and circulatory systems. Of

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central and soutlu m Germany and was on December IHth present

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pus the urine is strongly acid at lirst then more feebly so but

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exceptions over a large number of observations were undoubtedly

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layer of the embryo. Outside of the true amnion the

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Mr. Hollander will have it that Dr. Terrier has discovered

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stimulation. The other by continued steady pressure

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have directed and justified the sanitary works of which h t

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get our surest effect at the fourth to sixth dorsal verte

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balanced by other considerations. These may be brielly slated

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as well as the opalescence. Opalnscence appeared in the un

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sons who came to it suffering from pulmonary diseases many

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of ether and on further eXHininution the swelling was found to

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the corresponding date last year. Last week the daily mortality

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penis. No rectal pyrifurm bagn being available the largest of

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such excitement all over the world there are some questions one

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systems interact normally so as to produce the physio

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have records of the removal of no less than ten teeth while under

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bladder pass from second and third sacral some sen

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keloid measuring two inches by one was excessively painful.

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preventing e.xtension to the tubes but at present we know nothing

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lioma of the Lower Lip recently removed with pliotograph taken

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to believe that the child was suffering from syphilis. Jt

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way I use chloroform ether creasote pinol and many other

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likely due to the chemical products which accompanied their

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blood become moditied or disturbed. It would be difficult to estimate

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at the level of the highest part of the iliac crest is the

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than the left. About three year.s ago he had a sharp attack of

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the aim of treatment. The sulphur can be incorporated

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experimental work which however it has obviously taken a large

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Pulse 132 to ICO very feeble respirations 8 to 10 temp. 99 to

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his arms and shoulders the only difference being that he could

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which gradually passed off leaving the patient free perhaps for a

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was an accompaniment of laryngeal phthisis. Of course

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only in those places where it originated. He believed that the

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stances where diphtheria leads to lesion of the nerve centre

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bility of its restoration. On the other hand if the disease is

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paring the hours of sunshine it must be borne in mind that San

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When rupture is felt to be imminent mock modesty should

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given either by the State or by voluntary agencies to necessitous

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wool wadding. On the following morning the boy was quite

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their command and as much as possible to perform these exercises

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mistry and physiological chemistry as well as most German and

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loses its magnetism whereas the horseshoe magnet if the

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of the duodenum. Back of the stomach lies the solar

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flooded. Ko drainage of any kind exists for the removal of sur

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Sperling the Duke of Norfolk the Marquis of Bristol the Bishop

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There was a moderate degree of degeneration of the recurrent nerves ex

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some twenty years and in 1378 he underwent an examination in Dublin and

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did not produce the desired effect but finally brought on vomiting. Eneraata

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abl reviation three words instead of nine it may possibly be

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admission some of the most fcetid stools were found to prevail

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according to the depth to which the canal had been entered. This