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with a conscientious attendant the frequent occurrence of

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for some days afterwards. On February 27th an operation was

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the effect that the London Medical lieeorder will not again be published. This

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We have previously referred to the enls arising from lack of

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carbolic acid contained some higher homologue then they might

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and incessantly regarding every facet of their existence

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and phodophaue the less the quantity of visual purple. See

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about three hours before the expected paroxysm fcr these reasons

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much congested ami thickened with a viscid secretion about the

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obtains leverage upon the entire vertebral column. Levera e

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an oj eration. The first attack it was expected would kill

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operation but that with our present experience this field is diflBcult to

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with in women than in men which considering that it

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death became stercoraceous. At the post mortem examination the

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fourteenth birthday. This was her fifth child. All the children

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on influenza was therefore not carried out in the Vienna

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clean punched out appearance and exposed the fascia. In the

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for the extiri gt ation of an old and adherent dermoid. The surgeon

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LEGGB said that two years ago a unanimous protest was signed

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representing hypertrophy of th e adenoid tissue at the base of the

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a Large Fatty Tumour removed from the ischio rectal fossa of a

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and healing was thus induced almost without exception in every

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cases previously reported the cancer has disappeared and there are no

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ever often we gave chloroform and repeated the experiment with

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former patient. The toft parts having been completely

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Civil Hospitals in Warsaw W. Orlowski Director of the Hospital

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The foundation of the sympathetic system is consti

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purpose of guiding the shears while cutting the plaster.

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pathology while the useful medico legal hints it contains should

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of a cold damp valley which iuterfered with the proper perform

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in lS4o. He was educated at Merchant Taylors School

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been described as due to obstruction not closure of the cervical

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second plate cut circular was passed into the duodenum and

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were not much affected. The borders of the ulcers showed atrophy

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nary arteries of the heart. From this plexus we find

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sis in the right side with difficulty of expressing himseK. After

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found in Jacksonville and northern Florida if a medium cli

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loose canvas apron with one end turned downward over the chest and

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persons and dangerous persons only allowing the slighter degrees

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tiva covering it and the lower part of the globe being thickened

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opinion it was impossible to make any medical examination of

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tastn if agreeable somewhat between lemon and almond but the

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into the perineum and over the pubes in the manner shciwn in the

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doscrilHjd a large class of well recognised symptoms in a paper

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in her arms. The woman fainted immediately after making this

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London sanitation. Severn of the London lioal sanitary author

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come developed with the opportunity for its exercise. Such power would

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in Obstetrics and Gynecology with his pleasant personality.

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the sound which fortunately was long measuring 11 inches

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effect upon the central nervous system. These influ

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in research often find it more difficult to discover the source of

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concord of the Indian Medical Service are seriously threatened.


more room for fuller descriptions of larger questions like the

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Ih conformity with our modern views on the nature of bacterial

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pericardium and nothing else abnormal in the thorax. On cutting

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and to the liver and an incalculable benefit to the

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Neurological Society of London. At the annual general

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