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wealthy or maybe titled patient. The question of Consultation with
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over the hands and feet and i.atrln s nj.peared on the thighs and
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liminary remarks called upon Dr. Lauder Brunton to read the
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mals were drowsy and suffered from extraordinary muscular
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have continued until all the stones had been. tracted.
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be disregarded but when to these are added the difficulties
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consists of a series of very fair papers on chorea epilepsy neuralgia.
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this Society held on January 8th the following were elected
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the herpetic eruption than from her injury. The second was a gynseco
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recently held at Boston under the presidency of Professor William
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in any organ supplied by nerves from this region of the
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years ago the guarded ispirating and exploring needle devised by me
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out of bed and very noisy. Face twitched more than on tho
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Physicians on the subject. Af tersome discussion it was resolved tha
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visual axis of left eyeball movement inwards is good outwards
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be goue through and a discriminating use made of the ma.crial
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fect health each period being followed by a relapse. By Auril he
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niasg.. apiwlnted Mwllcal Offlcr of the Sowerby District ot the Halifax
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and when found together in the same case are clearly independent
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magistrates were induced to commit by fierjured testimony
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Where there is no such influence to interfere with a favor
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to the necessities of healthy life. By attention to these prin
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clonic spasm and at other times the limb is quiescent. The left
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is removed otherwise we should have the brain and spinal cord
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the investigation of the means of preventing di.seasos as
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bulged into the opening and no cerebral pulsation could be felt.
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enced physician is able to make his diagnosis at once from the
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certain length of time sets up changes in the structure of the
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three quarters of an inch. The other diameters Were from above
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Since that time others have described the appearance of gly
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maduon the above scale in the following pruportiuns beyond which no reiluct loni
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the medium of the covering structures putting alter
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frontal sulcus. The area for the latissimus dorsi occupies a similar posi
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course however it is impracticable to repeat this process indefinitely. Dis
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or carbonate of soda is also suggested to prevent any solvent
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always near tlie sea. She has been married sixteen years and has
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Fallacies a lliematuria may be absent from first to last. This
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pectoral position the abdominal viscera pushed for
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ostenhibly sold to be boiled down manufacturing j.urposes mny
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worse. I then made an application of the pole and in less
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causing any protrusion and on careful dissection he found numerous Uttle cica
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appear but moderate exertion. He is 5 feet 7 inches in height
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diminished and the abscess had closed at about the end of the
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hole in its centre and provided with an easily dilatable flange sur
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following case however in which I adopted a new method and
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student. The author s advice as to treatment by support and by
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or it may be anterior on the pubes or inferior into the
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time as though there would be no candidate for this appointment
vous system and with the cerebro spinal both directly
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of the body as exists in the majority of persons. There
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which entails some risks and much personal inconvenience while
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trate the position which the part will assume when the mus
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On October 25th the drainage tube leading into the brain was left
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Medical Association Dr. Ilolman and Mr. Ernest Hart to report
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sewage of the body act as harmful substances within
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climes and in hospital and private practice and from my
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to see members of the London County Council taking independent
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must dispense. If members think that chemists should b ex
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quainted with the whole progress of our knowledge in respect to
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doing so nor to prevent other cities in the Gangetic valley follow
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bacteriology of drinking water last summer I read Mr. Power s
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familiar with embryos even an approximate idea of their natural deli
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arterial pulse after the beginning of the systole of the ventricle.
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are the subjects of pseudo hypertrophic muscular pai alysis. Lan
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in acute coryza when the patient was lying down the lower nostril soon
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equable solution. So I conceive on the same sort of principle
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years old and his mother s means being small as the
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but not prevented an effect which tlie authors explain l y supposing that
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tracted skin vessels which are such common accompaniments of
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examination atropine or homatropine drops are preferable to oint
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licensing bodies have so raised the standard of medical edu
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to the touch and there was firm osseous ankylosis between
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be fiUed much may be done by osteoplastic flap formation
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that a recent prescription had had a happy effect in check
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is necessitated by the decision come to a few years ago that
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strict differentiation is not always possible. They act
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debted to Ur. Muirhead for the clinical report and lor permission
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from prolonged saturnine intoxication with potassium iodide and
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ance with this the defender had tendered a fee of fifty guineas.
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