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making a strong voluntary effort. When once started he can

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There is increasing evidence of the presence of an epidemic of

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cent by weight. Blood pigment charged with carbonic oxide

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branes. Claude Bernard demonstrated that curare will not

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doubtless in great measure to the extreme variations of tempera

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Heywood in Lancaihire. The srcjuel unfortunat. ly illustrates

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benign. The unusual features of the case consisted in 1 a bladder

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For everyone was crushed to death within a spastic gut

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cluded in the preface. In the appendix we find a contract to

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logical functions of all if a disturbance either prima

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varying lengths of time. The pus coagulated in small flocculi. This se

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over base of each lung po8teriorIy temperature 98.2 head was

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him such power and no more. The other four points brought

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bers. In a case where sclerotomy was succeeded bj but alight

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various sanitary districts the rates of infant mortality were lowest

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These various conditions of the countenance may not only

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every hand sufficient to satisfy the inquiring observer.

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he gained distinction graduating with commendation and his

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lower rectum excepting the consequences arising from the

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and for the details of the way preferred by himself the author refers

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ery ipeUs phlegmon boils malignant pustules and elephantiasis

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the development of the pneumococci was created by the influenza

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these two areas. A universal muzzling order enforced throughout

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though tliey are but fragmentary jottings may tend to kindle

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urged the desirability of probationary wards and nurses being pro

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B. Kane Professor of Clinical Medicine in the University of Cali

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nearly arrived and then in order to save the patient all suffering

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Sir PoLYDonE he Keyskr said they should first deal with the

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and before the patient has been unfairly handled the mortality

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specially marked in the interpeduncular space and in front of

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large part of osteopathic treatment is directed to these

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nection between the injury to tlie skin and the duodenal affection

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warrant umler his hand and seal have to act as his servants and

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median line without the risk of lateral lithotomy being involved

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and endeavoured to answer the question. At what stage in the

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in the various local effects found scattered over the body. In these cases

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five months. He commenced treatment by phosphorus on Novem

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appeared four years ago is now fairly before the profession.

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other necessaries were provided. The number of patients who

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the patient is sitting or standing erect though there

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name of any person guilty of professional misconduct. The proceedings in

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profession. 1 beg. therefore to call attention to another example

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sufficient. By elevating the ribs the capacity of the

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purulent fluid was withdrawn which contained fatty degenerated epi

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and it was further aided by muscular tension during lil e. Measure

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phenomena due simply and solely to arrested tissue metamor

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towards the circumference the rupture of which hid given rise io

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essential points of that treatment were the following First the

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An instructive history of rectal specialists as a class is in

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was resumed. The best effects were obtained in cases of neuralgia at the

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give instruction and examine for certilicates at the Cambridge

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gives another interesting instance of intestinal irritation simulat

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caused by a varietur of lesions. Thus the softening accompanying

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The outcome of the foregoing observations may fairly be